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51. JRE stands for _____.

52. Which of the following is considered as platform independent code?

53. Java is called as platform independent language. Do you agree with this statement?

54. We can run same java program on different environment with same JDK version.

55. Java has ______ primtive types of data.

56. Which of the following is smallest integer data type?

57. Which of the following is not a primitive data type?

58. Integer Data type does not include following primitive data type.

59. Which of the following data types comes under floating data types: 1.Float 2.Int 3.Double 4.Byte 5.Long

60. Character data type cannot store following value.

61. Byte variables are declared by use of the _______ keyword (Using primitive data type)

62. Range of Byte Data Type is ______.

63. In order to fetch stream of data from network of file, following data type is used _______.

64. What is the size of integer in Java Programming.

65. Currently Java is owned by ______.

66. IDE stands for _________.

67. We can write sophisticated Java Programs using ________.

68. Which of the following is not an IDE

69. Front end applications which includes GUI are created using

70. We can also use command line tool to run java application.

71. Which of the following is not a Java Code Editor?

72. Eclipse is free open-source Integrated development environment.

73. We can run java program directly from the IDE using shortcut.

74. We can debug java program using IDE.


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