ITI Fitter Quiz Question with Answer

21. You have to file an aluminum block to a smooth finish, which one of the following cut of file is most suitable?

  1. Double cut
  2. Curved cut
  3. Rasp cut
  4. Single cut

22. CNC machine are not manually operated. They are controlled by means of?

  1. A programme
  2. An operating
  3. A cam
  4. A plug board system

23. Scriber is made of

  1. copper
  2. High carbon steel
  3. Mild Steel
  4. Cast Iron

24. Which one of the following thread forms is provided in the threaded parts where the pressure acts on one flank of the threads during transmission?

  1. V thread
  2. Square thread
  3. Knuckle thread
  4. Buttress thread

25. Which one of the following parts of a universal surface gauge helps to draw parallel lines along a datum edge?

  1. Fine adjusting screw
  2. Guide pins
  3. Base
  4. Rocker arm

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