iphone iOS Quiz Question with Answer

11. If application is in background and not executing any code. What is the current application state?

  1. Background state
  2. Inactive state
  3. Active state
  4. Suspended state

12. Your routers at ACME are having some connectivity issues. You issueshow commands for each connecting routers interface. Why are they unable to communicate?

  1. Bad cable
  2. Incorrect IP address
  3. Wrong routing protocol
  4. Encapsulation mismatch

13. iOS remote push notification is introduced by apple in which version?

  1. iOS 4.0
  2. iOS 2.0
  3. iOS 3.0
  4. iOS 6.0

14. Multitasking in iOS was introduced in which version?

  1. iOS 6.0
  2. iOS 2.0
  3. iOS 4.0
  4. iOS 7.0

15. Creating a UI (User Interface) in Android requires careful use of

  1. XML and C++
  2. Java and SQL
  3. XML and Java
  4. Dreamweaver

16. The ................. file specifies the layout of your screen.

  1. Strings XML
  2. Layout file
  3. Manifest file
  4. R file

17. If application in background & executing background tasks than the current state of application is

  1. Background state
  2. Not running state
  3. Inactive state
  4. Suspended state

18. You have just received 14 Catalyst 3550 switches for your network. What is required to get them functioning correctly in your network?

  1. Interconnect them to routers
  2. Nothing
  3. Set up an IP address on the switch
  4. Install the Cisco IOS

19. You need to troubleshoot your network IP connectivity. Which of the following commands would you use to find the IP address on your Ethernet 0 interface?

  1. traceroute
  2. ping
  3. IPConfig
  4. Show interface Ethernet 0

20. Which command would you use in the CLI at User mode to enter Privileged EXEC mode?

  1. Enable
  2. Privilege
  3. Admin
  4. Disable

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