Invertebrates Quiz Question with Answer

11. Which class of the phylum Cnidaria includes?jellies?with rounded (as opposed to box like medusae?)

  1. Hydrozoa
  2. Scyphozoa
  3. Anthozoa
  4. Cubozoa

12. Corals are most closely related to which group?

  1. jellies
  2. freshwater hydras
  3. sea anemones
  4. sponges

13. Which characteristic is shared by both cnidarians and flatworms?

  1. dorsoventrally flattened bodies
  2. flame bulbs
  3. radial symmetry
  4. a digestive system with a single opening

14. Generally, members of which flatworm class(es) are nonparasitic?

  1. Turbellaria
  2. Trematoda
  3. Cestoda
  4. Monogenea

15. In a small stream, you pick up a rock and observe many small, flattened worms crawling on its undersurface.You decide that they belong to the phylum Platyhelminthes. To which class do they probably belong?

  1. Cestoda
  2. Monogenea
  3. Turbellaria
  4. Trematoda

16. What would be the most effective method of reducing the incidence of blood flukes in a human population?

  1. Reduce the mosquito population.
  2. Reduce the freshwater snail population.
  3. Purify all drinking water.
  4. Avoid contact with rodent droppings.

17. The larvae of many common tapeworm species that infect humans are usually found

  1. encysted in freshwater snails.
  2. encysted in the muscles of an animal, such as a cow or pig.
  3. crawling in the abdominal blood vessels of cows and pigs.
  4. encysted in the human brain.

18. While vacationing in a country that lacks adequate meat inspection, a student ate undercooked ground beef.Sometime later the student became easily fatigued, and lost body weight. At about the same time, whitish,flattened, rectangular objects full of small white spheres started appearing in his feces. Administration of niclosamide cured the problem. The student had probably been infected by a

  1. pinworm.
  2. hookworm.
  3. nematode.
  4. tapeworm.

19. Which of the following correctly characterizes the phylum Rotifera?

  1. a single-opening digestive tract
  2. a pair of mandibles made of chitin
  3. parthenogenic reproduction
  4. inability to persist in environments where they might undergo desiccation

20. Which of the following statements about tapeworm feeding methods is correct?

  1. They have complete digestive tracts.
  2. They use degenerate mouths to ingest some of their food.
  3. They absorb nutrients across their body walls.
  4. They are autotrophic.

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