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International Organizations Questions with Answers

51. Which specialized agency of UNO lists World Heritage Sites?

52. Which US president worked very hard to create the League of Nations?

53. Who coined the term United Nations?

54. Who had given the Fourteen Point programme for the formation of League of Nations?

55. Who of the following was the U.N.O.s first Secretary General from the African continent?

56. Who was the first Indian to be the President of U. N. General Assembly?

57. When did IMF started

58. The headquarters of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization is at

59. Headquarter of the UNESCO is located in

60. Which of the following organization is not associated with UNO

61. Headquarter of WTO is located in

62. Which of the following city is the headquarter of United Nations

63. Who was the founder of Amnesty International

64. Who was the first president of United Nations

65. OPEC was founded in which year

66. In which year United Nations office on Drugs and Crime formed

67. Headquarter of SAARC is in

68. UNESCO started in

69. Headquarter of NASA is situated in

70. Who started the scheme Partnership for Peace for a group of nations

71. NASA was founded in


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on International Organizations

International Organizations Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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