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Indian Constitution and Politics Questions with Answers

51. Who presides over the joint session of the Parliament?

52. Who presides over the joint sitting of the Parliament

53. Who promulgates ordinance in states

54. Who said the Preamble is the key to the Constitution

55. Who was the chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee

56. 42nd amendment Act was adopted by the Parliament in

57. A member of the Parliament formally loss his membership if he consecutively abstain himself from....................sitting of the House

58. A vote taken unexpectedly without voters having been briefed in advance

59. Adjournment of the House is the power of the

60. All speeches made in the House of People are addressed to

61. Among the following which agency conducts election to the local bodies

62. An interpretation of the Constitution of India is based on the spirit of

63. Article 19 of the Constitution of India contains

64. Article 32 stands suspended during an emergency under Article

65. Article 352 of the Indian Constitution deal with

66. Balvant Rai Mehta Committee was appointed to review

67. Chairman of the Finance Commission is appointed by the

68. Chairman of the Planning Commission is the

69. Committee in Public Undertakings has members from

70. Communalism is opposed to

71. Community Development Program was launched on

72. Concurrent list was adopted from

73. Consolidated Fund is

74. Council of States in India can create an All India Service by

75. Council of states in India can delay a money bill for

76. Directive Principles of state Policy are included in the Articles

77. Directive Principles of State Policy is

78. Dyarchy was introduced at the Centre by the Act of

79. Dyarchy was introduced at the Provincial level by the Act of

80. Elections to the local government bodies are made mandatory by which amendment

81. Equality before law and Equal protection of law have been modelled on the Constitution of

82. Finance Commission is constituted every 5 years by the

83. Freedom of expression is included in the article

84. From among the following which amendment of the Constitution of India made education to Children as a Fundamental Duty?

85. Fundamental Rights are included in articles

86. Globalisation gives primacy to unbriddled

87. Government of India Act 1909 is known as

88. Grass root democracy is related to

89. How many duties are included in the Constitution as Fundamental Duties?

90. How many methods are there to amend the Constitution of India

91. In a federal system the guardian of the Constitution is

92. In consequence of the death or incapacity of the President, vice President can become the President for

93. In India a person can be a member of the Council of Ministers without being a Member of Parliament for a maximum period

94. In India Right to Property is a

95. In India the Council of state is responsible to

96. In India the power of amnesty has been given to the

97. In the Indian federal system, residuary powers rest with the

98. India is a Republic in the sense that

99. India that is Bharat shall be a union of states. From which Constitution was adopted the words union of states?

100. Judge of the Supreme Court can be removed from offices by


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Indian Constitution and Politics

Indian Constitution and Politics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Indian Constitution and Politics Trivia Quiz

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