India Size and Location Quiz Question with Answer

21. Which of the following countries does not share a border with India?

  1. Pakistan
  2. Tajikistan
  3. China
  4. Bhutan

22. Which of the following groups of islands belonging to the Indian territory lies in the Arabian Sea?

  1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. Lakshdweep
  4. Maldives

23. Which of the following has been selected as the standard meridian of India?

  1. 52o50E
  2. 62o80E
  3. 72o20E
  4. 82o30E

24. Which of the following is the oldest route of contact between India and other countries of the world?

  1. Ocean routes
  2. Maritime contact
  3. Land routes
  4. Air routes

25. Which of the following island countries are our nearest neighbours in the south? a. Sri Lanka b. Maldives c. Philippines

  1. a, b and c
  2. a and b
  3. a and c
  4. b and c

26. Which of the following places in India lies on the three seas?

  1. Kanyakumari
  2. Indira Point
  3. Kavaratti
  4. Mahe

27. Which of the following statements are correct? a. India is the fifth largest country in the world. b. The land mass of India has an area of 3.28 million square km. c. India has a land boundary of about 15,200 km.

  1. a, b and c
  2. a and b
  3. b and c
  4. a and c

28. Which of the following states does not share a boundary with Bangladesh?

  1. West Bengal
  2. Sikkim
  3. Mizoram
  4. Tripura

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