Immunology - Immune disorders Quiz Question with Answer

11. The inappropriate response of immune system towards a relatively harmless antigen causing harm to the host is referred as

  1. hypersensitivity
  2. auto-immune diseases
  3. immunodeficiency
  4. tolerance

12. The major chemical messenger involved in hypersensitivity is

  1. interleukines
  2. lymphokines
  3. hiatamines
  4. interferons

13. Which of the following Ig is involved in mediating allergic reactions

  1. IgG
  2. IgM
  3. IgE
  4. IgA

14. Which of the following types of hypersensitive reactions is antibody mediated

  1. Type I
  2. Type II
  3. Type III
  4. all of these

15. Which one of the following is a cell mediated hypersensitive reaction

  1. Type I
  2. Type II
  3. Type III
  4. Type IV

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Immunology - Immune disorders Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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