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51. Place of supply referred in Integrated Goods and Service Tax Act is mentioned inwhich Chapter?

52. Which country has the second-highest GST rate of 27%?

53. The time of supply of goods shall be the earlier of ………………………………..

54. What kind of Tax is GST?

55. What kind of Tax is GST?

56. Who is the Chairperson of the GST Council

57. What is GST ?

58. Which of the following GST bill have been passed by the Parliament?

59. Which form has to be filed for withdrawal from composition levy?

60. A special purpose vehicle ................... has been launched to cater the needs of GST.

61. The turnover limit of Rs. 50 Lakh for composition scheme is not applicable to the state of

62. One of the following states does not fall under special category given under Art. 279Aof the Constitution

63. What does the term person includes?

64. Utilisation of integrated GST would be in which order?

65. How is Input Tax Credit on capital goods available?

66. Input Tax Credit is available ……………………………..

67. An Associated Enterprise is mentioned in?

68. Money means:

69. Agriculturist

70. Who is an agriculturist?

71. What is IGST?

72. IGST is payable when the supply is ………………

73. Input tax credit on compensation cess paid under GST (Compensation to States) Act, 2017

74. Which of the following true in respect of Goods and Service Tax

75. The following tax will not be subsumed into GST:

76. GST will be levied on

77. When does Quarter end?

78. With the introduction of GST, imports will be

79. The headquarters of GST council is located at

80. One of the following taxes is not subsumed under GST

81. GST is a ................... based tax on consumption of goods and services.

82. What is the meaning of non-taxable territory?

83. GST registration is

84. Full-fledged GST was recommended by

85. Who is the chairman of GST council?

86. Under which Schedule, power to declare certain activity/ transaction as neither supplyof goods nor of services

87. Which sections mentions about the Appellate Tribunal?

88. Authorised representative is mentioned in which section?

89. In which section is Common portal referred to?

90. Deemed Export is mentioned in which section?

91. Valid return is mentioned in which section?

92. In which section is invoice or tax invoice in?

93. Debit note and Credit note is mentioned in which section?

94. Electronic cash ledger and Electronic credit ledger is mentioned in which section?

95. Which section mentions about inter-state supply of service?

96. Which of the following tax will be abolished by the GST?

97. Which of the following tax will be abolished by the GST?

98. The credit of CGST can be utilised for the payment of:

99. Who is the head of the GST council?

100. Under the provisions of GST law, tax is levied


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