Global Warming Quiz Question with Answer

11. What place experiences the greatest seasonal variability in temperature?

  1. The North Atlantic Ocean
  2. Central Canada
  3. Costa Rica, Central America
  4. Mumbai, India

12. If Earth had no greenhouse gases, the planet would be ?

  1. Too hot to support life
  2. Cooler but still able to support life
  3. Too cold to support complex life.
  4. It depends on the species of aerosol in the GHG-free atmosphere.

13. Why are there winds?

  1. Because air flows down-hill
  2. Because of temperature differences.
  3. Because air flows from high density to low density
  4. Because air flows along isobars.

14. At a constant pressure, hot air than cold air

  1. is more dense
  2. is less dense
  3. has more vapor
  4. has less vapor

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