Gears Question with Answer

11. The clearance in toothed gear is kept as

  1. 1.50 module
  2. 1.57 module
  3. 1.60 module
  4. 1.67 module

12. The gear used to convert rotary motion into translating motion is

  1. Worm and wheel
  2. Crown gear
  3. Rack and pinion
  4. Spiral Bevel gear

13. The gears are used to connect two parallel shafts except

  1. Spur gear
  2. Helical gear
  3. Double helical gears
  4. Bevel gears

14. The gears used to connect non-parallel and non-intersecting shafts is

  1. Straight bevel gears
  2. Spiral bevel gears
  3. Spiral gears
  4. Double helical gears

15. The minimum number of teeth on pinion to avoid interference in rack and pinion is

  1. 15
  2. 18
  3. 21
  4. 24

16. The module of a gear is given by ............ in terms of d diameter of pitch circle, and t number of teeth

  1. d/t
  2. 2d/t
  3. d/2t
  4. d/3t

17. The most common geometric form used in gears today is this

  1. Involute profile
  2. Convolute profie
  3. Base circle
  4. Spur circle

18. The point of contact of two pitch circles of mating gears is called

  1. Pressure point
  2. Pitch point
  3. Module
  4. Contact point

19. These gears are used to transmit power between nonintersecting shafts that are at right angles to each other

  1. Racks
  2. Worm gears
  3. Spur gears
  4. Bevel gears

20. These gears transmit power between shafts whose axes intersect at any angle

  1. Worm gears
  2. Spur gears
  3. Bevel gears
  4. Racks

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