Footprints Without Feet Question with Answer

31. Finally Jaffers failed to catch Griffin as he

  1. Ran away
  2. Proved his innocence
  3. became invisible
  4. Was a great scientist

32. What does the first encounter tell us about Mrs Hall?

  1. She is not friendly
  2. She is money-minded
  3. She is disinterested in her guests
  4. All of the above

33. Griffin decided to stay at the .........; to keep himself warm.

  1. Store
  2. Library
  3. Science Lab
  4. Random house

34. Griffin robbed the money from the

  1. Streetma
  2. Shopkeeper
  3. Random house
  4. Bank

35. What did Griffin ate with the cold meat from the store

  1. Tea
  2. Water
  3. Coffee
  4. Coca- cola

36. Who called the incident an extraordinary affair?

  1. The clergyman
  2. The clergyman's wife
  3. Mrs Hall
  4. All of the above

37. Mr. Jaffers was

  1. The constable
  2. Village head
  3. Another scientist
  4. Owner of the another inn

38. What caused the villagers to suspect the scientist?

  1. The robbery
  2. The furniture incident
  3. Unexpected availability of cash on him
  4. All of the above

39. What was easier said than done?

  1. To see him
  2. To talk to him
  3. To hold him
  4. None of the above

40. Where did he go next?

  1. To the inn
  2. To a big store
  3. To the theatre store
  4. None of the above

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