Floods Question with Answer

11. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a braided stream?

  1. branching channels
  2. high gradient
  3. abundant bed load
  4. constant discharge

12. Which of the following potentially affects the size of a flood?

  1. bridges and other structures in waterways
  2. the size and windiness of a river
  3. vegetation in and around a river
  4. all of the above

13. Flash floods are often caused

  1. by thunderstorms
  2. dikes and dams that are too high
  3. by rainfall over many days
  4. by river beds that are too high

14. Flood can not occur due to

  1. Cyclone
  2. Tsunami
  3. Heavy rain
  4. Biological disaster

15. In ancient Egypt the Nile River

  1. destroyed large areas of farming land every year
  2. had to be regulated because it carried too much water
  3. brought nutrients that made the fields fertile
  4. changed its course almost every year

16. Which of the following is an environmental consequence of floods?

  1. dispersal of weed species
  2. erosion of soil
  3. release of pollutants into waterways
  4. all of the above

17. The process of avulsion causes

  1. downcutting of the riverbed
  2. wider floodplains for the river
  3. slow shifting of the rivers channel
  4. formation of a new course for the river channel

18. The process of avulsion is caused by

  1. erosion of the river channel
  2. buildup of sediment in the river channel
  3. widening of the channel
  4. destruction of natural levees

19. Which is the most common type of disaster in New Zealand?

  1. Floods
  2. Earthquakes
  3. Tsunami
  4. Volcanoes

20. Which of the following should you do in a flood?

  1. Go sight-seeing
  2. Drink the water
  3. Put valuables high up
  4. Water the garden

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