First aid Quiz Question with Answer

21. Shock is a condition where:

  1. The respiratory system fails to deliver air to the lungs
  2. The cardiovascular system fails to deliver blood to the heart
  3. The circulatory system fails to deliver blood to all parts of the body
  4. All of the above

22. Elastic bandages are used

  1. To control bleeding
  2. Control swelling and support injuries such as sprains or strains
  3. To allow circulation to a severed limb
  4. When applying a splint

23. Why should you cover burns with a clean or sterile dressing?

  1. To prevent infection
  2. To cool burned area
  3. To keep the burned area warm
  4. Both a and c

24. When caring for a choking infant, what position is the infant held in?

  1. Upside down by the ankles and shoulders
  2. Face up on a flat surface
  3. Face down on your forearm with head lower than the body
  4. Face down on your knee, with head lower than the body

25. When caring for a victim who has a large burn on their forearm, you

  1. Use large amounts of cool water to cool the burn
  2. Use ice or ice water to cool the burn
  3. Remove any cloth that has stuck to the burn and apply burn cream
  4. All of the above

26. Snakebites can be very serious. When caring for a snakebite victim, which should you not do?

  1. Wash wounds
  2. Apply ice
  3. Keep bitten part still and below the heart
  4. Get professional medical care within 30 minutes

27. How can you reduce the risk of disease transmission when caring for open, bleeding wounds?

  1. Wash your hands immediately after giving care
  2. Avoid direct contact with blood
  3. Use protective barriers such as gloves or plastic wrap
  4. All of the above

28. When can you move a victim?

  1. When you need to care for another victim
  2. When the victim is in danger
  3. When it would be easier to care for the victim
  4. All of the above

29. What would you do if a victim had a body part torn or cut off?

  1. Wrap severed body part in sterile gauze
  2. Place in a plastic bag
  3. Put the plastic bag on ice and take it to the hospital with victim
  4. All of the above

30. Most injuries are due to situations that

  1. You have no control over or could not have been prevented
  2. You have some control over or could have been prevented
  3. Involve five or more people
  4. Involve water sports

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