First aid Quiz Question with Answer

91. Hypothermia

  1. Is not life threatening
  2. Victims must be heated up as fast as possible
  3. Is caused by exposure to temperatures below freezing
  4. Can be caused by swimming in waters below 70 degrees

92. A first aid responder should move a victim when

  1. it would make it easier to administer first aid
  2. The victim is in a dangerous position
  3. Never
  4. Both a & b

93. What would you do for a victim who has internal bleeding?

  1. Keep the victim quiet and lying down
  2. Bend knees to make them comfortable
  3. Both a and b
  4. None of the above

94. Which of the following should be done for a person experiencing a heat related illness.

  1. Keep the victim warm
  2. Force the victim to drink fluids
  3. Apply cool wet cloths
  4. Place the victim in warm water

95. What do you do for a victim who has a bleeding injury to the mouth and you are sure that there is nohead, neck, or spine injury.

  1. Keep victim seated with head tilted slightly forward
  2. Keep victim seated with head tilted slightly backward
  3. Have the victim lie down on their side
  4. Either a or c

96. A victim has a large piece of glass sticking out of her leg. You should

  1. Leave the glass in her leg and control the bleeding
  2. Call your local emergency phone number
  3. Remove the glass and then control the bleeding
  4. Both a and b

97. In general a splint should be

  1. Loose, so that the victim can still move the injured limb
  2. Snug, but not so tight that it slows circulation
  3. Tied with cravats over the injured area
  4. None of the above

98. A victim is coughing up blood with bleeding from the mouth and is tender in the abdomen. Pulse is weak and rapid. The victim is having signs of

  1. Massive head injuries
  2. Internal Bleeding
  3. Drug Overdose
  4. Possible Poisoning

99. Where would you check the pulse on a 12-year-old boy?

  1. On the inside of the arm between the elbow and shoulder
  2. At the side of the neck
  3. On the inside of the wrist
  4. Both b & c

100. You have tried to control a victims bleeding with direct pressure and elevation, but the bleeding doesnt stop. Where would you apply pressure to slow the flow of blood to a wound on the forearm?

  1. Outside the arm midway between the shoulder and the elbow
  2. On the inside of the elbow
  3. Inside the arm between the shoulder and the elbow
  4. Any of the above will slow the flow of blood

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