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Financial Accounting MCQs questions answers

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Financial Accounting Questions with Answers

101. Which of the following are not current asset  

102. Branches are opened to increase

103. Who denotes goods bought for sale

104. Excess of minimum rent over actual royalty is termed as

105. Capital investments for the branches are made by

106. Trading account is

107. Branches are units physically segregated from the main office called

108. In which principal transaction and events are recorded in the books of account and presented in thefinancial statement in accordance with their substance and not legality.

109. Assets having no physical existence but are represented by rights in certain things are called---------------- 

110. Why use prepare  trial balance

111. For what use are preparing profit and  loss a/c

112. In which method trial balance is prepared with the balance of ledger account

113. Capital receipts will not affect ------------------- and ------------------a/c

114. Adjustment given in the ---------------------- is known as hidden adjustment

115. The lessee may be permitted to recoup short working for a few years only is called

116. Which principal is known as basic principal of accounting

117. Which one of these not shown in trading account

118. Which loss is due to the nature of goods consigned

119. Royalty is an

120. The modern system of accounting owes to

121. According to............................concept it is assured the business will last for long time


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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