Financial Accounting Question with Answer

21. A shipment of goods by a manufacturer to an agent tobe sold by him on commission basis on the risk    and account of the former called -------------------

  1. Consigning
  2. Consignment
  3. Agreement
  4. None of these.

22. Pass entry for consignors expenses

  1. Consignment a/c DrTo Cash      
  2. Consignment a/c Dr    To credit      
  3. Cash a/c Dr    To consignee     
  4. None of these.

23. The person who send the goods to the agent to be sold by him on commission is calle

  1. Consignor
  2. Consignee
  3. Merchant
  4. None of these

24. The head office prepares a combined balance sheet called ----------------- 

  1. Consolidated balance sheet
  2. Balance sheet of branch
  3. Head balance sheet
  4. None of these.

25. Any amount spend on increasing the earning capacity of a business is known as  

  1. Contigent liability  
  2. Capital expenditure
  3. Revenue expenditure
  4. Capital receipt

26. Expenditure incurred during one year known as  

  1. Contigent  liability
  2. Capital expenditure
  3. Revenue expenditure
  4. Capital receipt

27. What is the expenditure of revenue nature

  1. Contingent liability
  2. Capital expenditure
  3. Revenue expenditure
  4. Deferred revenue expenditure

28. What is to the original form of accounting

  1. Cost accounting
  2. Management accounting
  3. Financial accounting
  4. None of these

29. The amount of royalty payable is an expense to the lessee and is ------------------ in the royaltyaccount

  1. Credited
  2. Debited
  3. Deducted
  4. None of these

30. Who is a person to whom business occurs money  

  1. Creditor
  2. Debtor
  3. Proprietor
  4. None of these.

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