Fencing Question with Answer

21. Which fencer is known for being the first American to win an Olympic gold medal in fencing and later became a Hollywood actor?

  1. Aldo Nadi
  2. Nedo Nadi
  3. Giuseppe Delfino
  4. Cornel Wilde

22. What is the term for the attacking movement where a fencer extends their arm and moves forward to score a hit?

  1. Lunge
  2. Flèche
  3. Beat Attack
  4. Feint

23. Which fencer is often considered one of the greatest in the history of the sport, winning a record six Olympic gold medals?

  1. Edoardo Mangiarotti
  2. Aladar Gerevich
  3. Valentina Vezzali
  4. Stanislav Pozdnyakov

24. What is the term for the blade action where a fencer makes a circular movement to avoid an opponents blade and then counter-attacks?

  1. Bind
  2. Disengage
  3. Counter-Attack
  4. Flick

25. Which fencing weapon has a larger target area, allowing hits to be scored on the entire body, including the head, arms, and legs?

  1. Foil
  2. Sabre
  3. Épée
  4. Rapier

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