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51. Inflammation of joints due to accumulation of uric acid crystals is called as

52. Maximum reabsorption of useful substance occurs in the region of nephron:

53. Diabities incipidus is due to

54. The principal nitrogenous excretory compound in human is synthesised

55. The appearance of albumin in the urine is most likely due to

56. Function of ANF is

57. A fall in glemerular filtration rate GFR

58. Ascending loop if henle is perrneable to

59. Longest loop of henle is found in

60. Elimination f insoluble calcium phophate takes place by

61. Ornithine cycle ic found in

62. A person who is oon a long hunger strike and is surving only on water will have

63. ADH is secerted by

64. Haemodialysis is also called as artificial

65. In man, the area is mainly produced in

66. Transmination process takes place in

67. which one is an accessory excretory organ?

68. In cortical nephrones LOH = Loop of henle

69. Sodium water and phosphate reabsorption is maximum in

70. Excertory organs of cockroach are

71. Excretory structure of earthworms is

72. Ureotelism is found in

73. The glomenuli are continued to the

74. Columns of Bertiniā€ is the kidney of manimals are found as the extersion of

75. It is activated us he change of blood volume and volume of body fluid

76. For maintanance of osmoregulation by animals where urea is sored?

77. What will happen if the stretch receptor of the urinary bladder wall are totally removed ?

78. RAAS secretes which of the following hormones?

79. Which of the following is both osmoregulator as well as nitrogenours product

80. Which of the following is a metabolic waste of nitrogenous substances?

81. The kidney of adult mammals are

82. The Organism which maintain an independent concentration of their extracellular fluids

83. Animals which cannot maintain thier osmotic environment at a constant level are called

84. Which hormone induced the process of reabsorption from glomerouous?

85. Nitrogenous waste in the Malpighian tubule flows into

86. Part of nephron involved in active reabsorption of sodium is

87. Renin is secreted by

88. Angitensigngen I is secreted by

89. Which are of the following is not a part of a renal pyramid?

90. Inner living of Bowmans capsule is lined by:

91. Deamination is proccess in which

92. It increases excretion of ca+2 in the kidney

93. Which blood vessel carries least ammount of urea?

94. Uric acid is formed in human from

95. ADH influences water permbeality in the

96. Which blood vessel takes blood away from kidney?

97. uricotelic mode of excreting nitrogenous waste is found in

98. Which of the following are uricotelic animals?

99. As compared to efferent arterule the afferent arteriont of kidney is

100. Green glands are excretony in function which are found in


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Excretion

Excretion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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