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Entrepreneurship Development Questions with Answers

101. The business development department of SIPCOT guides entrepreneurs in

102. The charter of a company is its

103. The content of the final report typically includes the following topics

104. The entrepreneur distinguished themselves from capital provider in

105. The expenses incurred on the setting up of the enterprise are called as

106. The feasibility study process of entrepreneurship are

107. The idea generation process of entrepreneurship are

108. The Markets and Competitors section of a business plan should contain

109. The minimum amount of------------------,irrespective of such private participation,could be specified at a minimum 17.5 per cent of project costs by lending institutions.

110. The oldest form of business organization is

111. The policy which emphasized the need of promoting small-scale industries through integrated industrial development is.

112. The policy which stressed the role of cottage and small-scale industries for balanced industrial development of the country is

113. The process of Entrepreneurship is divided into two parts & they are

114. The process of preparing an inventory of skills needed for effective implementation ofthe project is called as

115. The purpose of all good small business strategy is

116. The purpose of soft loan scheme is to encourage units to undertake

117. The small scale unit wishing to export has to obtain exporters code number from

118. The 'T' in a PESTLE analysis refers to

119. The term denotes bonus or financial aid which is given by a government to an industry to help it compete with other units

120. The term Capitalization is used in relation to

121. The term Entrepreneur was derived from French word

122. The type of diversification in which the company adds complementary to the existingproduct or service line is

123. The type of diversification in which the company adds up same type of products at the same level of production is

124. The UK government has implemented a number of policies to encourage Entrepreneurship in schools. One such initiative is

125. The use of informal networks by entrepreneurs to gather information is known as

126. TIIC is sponsored by the.

127. To provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs the government has set up anumber of.

128. Today, many companies are using managerial techniques that are designed to encourage

129. Trademarks relate to

130. Under section 80J of the income tax act, 1961, small-scale industries are exempted from the payment of income tax on their profits at

131. Under-capitalization arises due to

132. Underestimation of project cost leads to

133. What are 6 Cs that motivate entrepreneur to establish their own business are

134. what are the components of then project report

135. What is the role of a Business Angel?

136. When a firm enters into business which is unrelated to its existing business both in terms of technology and marketingconglomerate diversification.

137. When a firm enters into some business which is related with its present business in terms of technology, marketing or both it is called as

138. Which could provide an individual with the motivation to start a new business venture?

139. Which industrial sector promotes small-scale business & entrepreneurship and has low barriers to market entry?

140. Which industrial sector promotes small-scale businesses andEntrepreneurship, and has lower barriers to market entry?

141. which is included in the project cost, is estimated on the basis of the year when the enterprise breaks even.

142. Which of the following are described as one of the Big Five personality traits?

143. Which of the following factors does the macro-environment not include?

144. Which of the following factors should not be included in PESTLE analysis?

145. Which of the following is a characteristic typical of ?Most entrepreneurs

146. Which of the following is a function of SIDBI?

147. Which of the following is a recognized disadvantage of setting up as a start-up as compared with other routes to market entry?

148. Which of the following is least likely to influence the timing of new business births?

149. Which of the following is not an aspect of appraisal of term loans by commercial banks?

150. Which of the following is not considered as one of the following blocks of the model entrepreneur?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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