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Engineering Scale MCQs questions answers

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Delve into the world of engineering scales with our comprehensive collection of MCQs. Explore the fundamental principles of measurement and scale representation as you navigate through our range of multiple-choice questions. From understanding the concept of scale and its importance in engineering drawings to mastering the techniques of scale conversion and interpretation, our quizzes cover a wide spectrum of topics. Whether you're a student looking to solidify your grasp on engineering scales or a professional seeking to sharpen your skills, our quizzes offer an invaluable resource. Test your knowledge, refine your understanding, and gain confidence in your ability to utilize scales effectively in various engineering applications. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of engineering scale and empower you to excel in the world of technical drawing and design.

Engineering Scale Questions with Answers

1. A map of 10 cm X 8 cm represents an area of 50000sq. meter of a field. The R.F. of the scale is

2. An area of 36 square kilometer is represented by 144 square centimeter on a map. What is the R.F. ?

3. For drawing of small instruments, watches etc. the scale used is

4. For scale, which one is not correct

5. If the 10m length is represented as 1 mm on the map then representative fraction is

6. In the diagonal scale, the word diagonal is used because it is most suitable for the measurement of

7. The full form of R.F. is

8. The R.F. of scale is always

9. The unit of R.F. is

10. When measurements are required in three consecutive units, the appropriated scale is

11. When the drawing are drawn smaller than the actual size of object then scale is known as

12. Which one of the following is not a reduction scale?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Engineering Scale

Engineering Scale Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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