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Engineering Scale Question with Answer

1. A map of 10 cm X 8 cm represents an area of 50000sq. meter of a field. The R.F. of the scale is

  1. 1/25
  2. 1/625
  3. 1/2500
  4. 1/6250000

2. An area of 36 square kilometer is represented by 144 square centimeter on a map. What is the R.F. ?

  1. 1/4
  2. 1/2
  3. 1/5000
  4. 1/50000

3. For drawing of small instruments, watches etc. the scale used is

  1. Reduced scale
  2. Full scale
  3. Enlarged scale
  4. None of these

4. For scale, which one is not correct

  1. 1:2
  2. 1:20
  3. 1:1/2
  4. 1/2

5. If the 10m length is represented as 1 mm on the map then representative fraction is

  1. 1/100
  2. 1/1000
  3. 1/10
  4. None of these

6. In the diagonal scale, the word diagonal is used because it is most suitable for the measurement of

  1. Diameter of a circle
  2. Diagonal of a square
  3. Side of a pentagon
  4. All of these

7. The full form of R.F. is

  1. Reducing fraction
  2. Representative fraction
  3. Reduction factor
  4. Representative factor

8. The R.F. of scale is always

  1. Less than 1
  2. Equal to 1
  3. Greater than 1
  4. Any of these

9. The unit of R.F. is

  1. Cubic centimeter
  2. Square centimeter
  3. Centimeter
  4. None of these

10. When measurements are required in three consecutive units, the appropriated scale is

  1. Plain scale
  2. Diagonal scale
  3. Isometric scale
  4. Scale of cords

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