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151. What is an internal organizational Internet that is guarded against outside access by a special security feature called a firewall (which can be software, hardware, or a combination of thetwo)?

152. What is an intranet that is restricted to an organization and certain outsiders, such as customers and suppliers?

153. What is a detailed process for recovering information or an IT system in the event of a catastrophic disaster such as a fire or flood?

154. What is a separate facility that does not have any computer equipment but is a place where the knowledge workers can move after the disaster?

155. What is a separate and fully equipped facility where the company can move immediately after the disaster and resume business?

156. What charts (1) the cost to your organization of the unavailability of information and technology and (2) the cost to your organization of recovering from a disaster over time?

157. Which factor determines when your IT system will be available for knowledge workers toa ccess?

158. Which factor determines who has the right to access different types of IT systems and information?

159. Which factor ensures your IT systems are functioning correctly and providing accurateinformation?

160. Which factor represents how well your system can adapt to increased demands?

161. Which factor represents a systems ability to change quickly?

162. What is a set of conditions used to measure how well a product or system functions?

163. What determines the future IT infrastructure requirements for new equipment and additionalnetwork capacity?

164. What automates business processes?

165. What defines all of the steps or business rules, from beginning to end, required for a process to run correctly?

166. What sends work assignments through an e-mail system?

167. Which will not  harm  computer resources  

168. Which is not a function of ERP?  

169. Which is a function of ERP?  

170. Which of the following is the primary characteristic of an intranet?

171. Which concept suggests that different applications and computer systems should be able to communicate with one another?

172. Which service encompasses all technologies used to transmit and process information on an across a network?

173. Which process can prevent  data from lose due to computer problems or human errors?

174. Which process is used to reinstall data from a copy when the original data has been lost?

175. What describes a process of continuously measuring results and comparing those results to optimal performance so that actual performance may be improved?

176. Who protects system from external threats?

177. Who breaks into other peoples computer systems and steals and destroys information?

178. What is software that comes hidden in free downloadable software and tracks your online movements, mines the information stored on your computer, or uses your computers CPU and storage for some task you know nothing about?

179. ERP stands for

180. Which is not a component of ERP?

181. Which is not a function of ERP?

182. What is a type of virus that spreads itself, not just from file to file, but from computer to computer via e-mail and other Internet traffic?

183. What floods a Web site with so many requests for service that it slows down or crashes?

184. What harnesses far-flung computers together by way of the Internet or a virtual private network to share CPU power, databases, and database storage?

185. What consists of the identification of risks or threats, the implementation of security measures, and the monitoring of those measures for effectiveness?

186. What is the process of evaluating IT assets, their importance to the organization, and their susceptibility to threats, to measure the risk exposure of these assets?

187. What is the process of making a copy of the information stored on a computer?

188. What software detects and removes or quarantines computer viruses?

189. What is hardware and/or software that protects computers from intruders?

190. What is the use of physical characteristics — such as your fingerprint, the blood vessels in the retina of your eye, the sound of your voice, or perhaps even your breath — to provideidentification?

191. All of the following are considered biometrics, except:

192. What scrambles the contents of a file so you cant read it without having the right decryption key?

193. What is an encryption system that uses two keys: a public key that everyone can have and a private key for only the recipient?

194. What looks for people on the network who shouldnt be there or who are acting suspiciously?

195. What checks out your computer or network for potential weaknesses?

196. Which of the following to viruses harm?

197. Which of the following can a virus do?

198. In simple terms, what does risk assessment ask?

199. Which of the following examines information passing through switches, hubs, or routers?

200. What is the name of the new anti-Spam bill?


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