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101. Which is?a function of E-commerce

102. Which?is not?a function of E-commerce

103. Which term represents a count of the number of people who visit one site, click on an ad, and are taken to the site of the advertiser?

104. What is the percentage of customers who visit a Web site and actually buy something called?

105. What are materials used in production in a manufacturing company or are placed on the shelf for sale in a retail environment?

106. What are materials that are necessary for running a modern corporation, but do not relate to the companys primary business activities?

107. What are ballpoint pens purchased by a clothing company?

108. What is another name for?

109. What is the process in which a buyer posts its interest in buying a certain quantity of items, and sellers compete for the business by submitting successively lower bids until there is only one seller left?

110. What are plastic cards the size of a credit card that contains an embedded chip on which digital information can be stored?

111. Most individuals are familiar with which form of e-commerce?

112. Which form of e-commerce currently accounts for about 97% of all e-commerce revenues?

113. Which of the following are advantages normally associated with B2B e-commerce?

114. If the threat of substitute products or services is low it is a(n):

115. The threat of new entrants is high when it is:

116. If it is easy for competitors to enter the market, the threat of new entrants is considered:

117. An industry is less attractive for suppliers when the rivalry among existing competitors is:

118. Unique value auction is mainly applies to?

119. Paisapay is facilitated in

120. Which of the following is a useful security mechanism when considering business strategy and IT?

121. Which of the following is not related to security mechanism

122. A product or service that customers have come to expect from an industry, which must beoffered by new entrants if they wish to compete and survive, is known as a(n)?

123. Which of the following statements accurately reflect the impact of technology?

124. A business cannot be all things to all people. Instead, a business must:

125. How the transactions occur in e-commerce?

126. Which type of products is lesser purchased using ecommerce?

127. A business competing in a commodity like environment must focus on which of the following?

128. Which of the following refers to creating products tailored to individual customers?

129. Materials used in the normal operation of a business but not related to primary businessoperations are called what?

130. Amazon.com is well-known for which e-commerce marketing technique?

131. What is the name given to an interactive business providing a centralized market where manybuyers and suppliers can come together for e-commerce or commerce-related activities?

132. Which form of e-marketplace brings together buyers and sellers from multiple industries, often for MRO materials?

133. Which form of e-marketplace brings together buyers and sellers from the same industry?

134. Which type of add appears on a web page?

135. What type of ad appears on top of a web page?

136. What type of ad appears under a web page?

137. Which, if any, of the following types of ads are people most willing to tolerate?

138. Which of the following is an Internet-based company that makes it easy for one person to payanother over the Internet?

139. Which of the following is a method of transferring money from one persons account toanother?

140. An electronic check is one form of what?

141. If you need to transfer money to another person via the internet, which of the following methods could you use?

142. Which of the following permits the transmission of a bill, along with payment of that bill, to be conducted over the Internet?

143. A combination of software and information designed to provide security and information for payment is called a what?

144. What is the name for direct computer-to-computer transfer of transaction informationcontained in standard business documents?

145. Which of the following is used in B2B to pay for purchases?

146. Public key encryption uses multiple keys.  One key is used to encrypt data, while another is used to decrypt data.  The key used to encrypt data is called the _____ key, while the key used todecrypt data is called the _____ key.

147. Secure Sockets Layers does which of the following?

148. When a transaction is processed online, how can the merchant verify the customers identity?

149. The practice of forging a return address on an e-mail so that the recipient is fooled into revealing private information is termed?

150. What is a model of a proposed product, service, or system?


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