Diving Question with Answer

11. Which country has historically been dominant in synchronized diving, especially in events like the 3-meter springboard?

  1. China
  2. United States
  3. Russia
  4. Canada

12. What is the term for the technique in diving where the diver bends both the hips and knees, bringing the knees toward the chest?

  1. Pike
  2. Tuck
  3. Roll
  4. Layout

13. Which type of dive involves a backward takeoff with a somersault and a twist performed simultaneously?

  1. Reverse dive
  2. Backward twist
  3. Backspin dive
  4. Twist dive

14. In diving, what is the term for the action of the diver straightening their body after being in a tuck or pike position?

  1. Unroll
  2. Unwind
  3. Unbend
  4. Unfold

15. Who is the Canadian diver known for his achievements in synchronized diving with partner Alexandre Despatie?

  1. David Boudia
  2. Matthew Mitcham
  3. Tom Daley
  4. Émilie Heymans

16. What is the term for the diving event where divers perform a series of dives in a specific order, showcasing various skills?

  1. Freestyle Dive
  2. Combination Dive
  3. Medley Dive
  4. Sequence Dive

17. Which American diver is known for her success in womens 3-meter springboard events and her three Olympic gold medals?

  1. Fu Mingxia
  2. Laura Wilkinson
  3. Tania Cagnotto
  4. Guo Jingjing

18. In synchronized diving, what is the term for the simultaneous entry of both divers into the water after a dive?

  1. Entry Sync
  2. Joint Entry
  3. Coincident Entry
  4. Rip Entry

19. Who is the British diver known for his achievements in individual and synchronized diving, as well as his charismatic personality?

  1. David Boudia
  2. Tom Daley
  3. Chris Mears
  4. Matthew Mitcham

20. What is the term for the action of a diver performing a spin in the opposite direction of their twist?

  1. Counter-spin
  2. Opposite spin
  3. Reverse spin
  4. Anti-twist

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