Deep Water Quiz Question with Answer

41. What was stopping Douglas to get into the waters of Cascade?

  1. Memories of Washington
  2. Memories of California
  3. Instructions given by the instructor
  4. Memories full of terror in the pool

42. How did Douglas make sure that he had conquered the old terror?

  1. By visiting California
  2. By jumping into the waters
  3. By taking a lesson from the instructor
  4. By swimming into the lake Wentworth

43. What distance Douglas covered while swimming across the lake Wentworth?

  1. 4 miles
  2. 3 miles
  3. 5 miles
  4. 2 miles

44. Where was the lake Wentworth?

  1. In New Hampshire
  2. in Washington
  3. in California
  4. in Washington DC

45. At the end of the experience, Douglas felt

  1. happy
  2. released
  3. sad
  4. Victorious

46. What do you think you can do to me'? These words were spoken by Douglas to

  1. a shark
  2. to his enemy
  3. to the boy who pushed him
  4. to terror

47. Whenever terror struck again, Douglas would start

  1. shouting
  2. laughing
  3. crying
  4. talking to terror

48. Douglas had to repeat exhaling and inhaling exercises

  1. hundred times
  2. forty times
  3. fifty times
  4. ten times

49. He practised in the pool

  1. ten times a week
  2. five days a week
  3. Twice a week
  4. Thrice a week

50. When he regained consciousness, he

  1. Laughed at his experience
  2. Had 104oF fever
  3. Shook and cried and didn't eat anything
  4. Told his mother about his Misadventure

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