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51. Which of the following motors one will choose to drive the rotary compressor ?

52. Which of the following steps is likely to result in reduction of hysteresis loss in a D.C. generator ?

53. Which of the following tests will be suitable for testing two similar D.C. series motorsof large capacity ?

54. Which one of the following is not necessarily the advantage of D.C. motors over A.C. motors ?

55. Which one of the following is not the function of pole shoes in a D.C. machine ?

56. Why are the D.C. motors preferred for traction applications ?

57. A D.C. series motor is that which

58. A direct on line starter is used: for starting motors

59. A three point starter is considered suitable for

60. According to Flemings left-hand rule, when the forefinger points in the direction of the field or flux, the middle finger will point in the direction of

61. As -the load is increased the speed of D.C. shunt motor will

62. As there is no back e.m.f. at the instant of starting a D.C. motor, in order to prevent a heavy current from flowing though the armature circuit

63. At the instant of starting when a D.C. motor is put on supply, it behaves like

64. Buses, trains, trolleys, hoists, cranes require high starting torque and therefore make use of

65. By looking at which part of the motor, it can be easily confirmed that a particular motor is D.C. motor?

66. D.C. generators are installed near the load centres to reduce

67. D.C. generators are normally designed for maximum efficiency around

68. D.C. motor is to a drive a load which is almost nil for certain part of the load cycle and peak value for short duration. We will select this

69. D.C. motor is to drive a load which has certain minimum value for most of the time and some peak value for short duration. We will select the

70. D.C. series motors are used

71. D.C. shunt motors are used for driving

72. Differentially compound D.C. motors can find applications requiring

73. During rheostat braking of D.C. series motors

74. Flywheel is used with D.C. compound motor to reduce the peak demand by the motor, compound motor will have to be

75. Following motor is used where high starting torque and wide speed range control is required.

76. For a D.C. shunt motor if the excitation is changed

77. For constant torque drive which speed control method is preferred ?

78. For starting a D.C. motor a starter is required because

79. For the same H.P. rating and full load speed, following motor has poor starting torque

80. For which of the following applications a D.C. motor is preferred over an A.C. motor ?

81. For which types of D.C. motor, dynamic braking is generally used ?

82. Hopkinsons test on D.C. machines is conducted at

83. If a D.C. motor designed for 40°C ambient temperature is to be used for 50°C ambient temperature, then the motor

84. If a D.C. motor is connected across the A.C. supply it will

85. If a D.C. motor is to be selected for conveyors, which rriotor would be preferred ?

86. If a D.C. shunt motor is working at full load and if shunt field circuit suddenly opens

87. If a D.C. shunt motor is working at no load and if shunt field circuit suddenly opens

88. If I2 be the armature current, then speed of a D.C. shunt motor is

89. If the field of a D.C. shunt motor gets opened while motor is running

90. If the speed of a D.C. shunt motor is increased, the back e.m.f. of the motor will

91. If the supply voltage for a D.C. motor is increased, which of the following will decrease ?

92. If the terminals of armature of D.C. motor are interchanged, this action will offer following kind of braking

93. In a D.C. generator all of the following could be the effects of iron losses except

94. In a D.C. generator, the iron losses mainly take place in

95. In a D.C. series motor, if the armature current is reduced by 50%, the torque of the motor will be equal to

96. In a D.C. shunt motor, speed is

97. In a D.C. shunt motor, under the conditions of maximum power, the current in the armature will be

98. In a differentially compounded D.C. motor, if shunt field suddenly opens

99. In a manual shunt motor starter

100. In case of conductively compensated D.C. series motors, the compensating winding is provided


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DC Motors Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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