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DC Generator Questions with Answers

101. Equilizer rings are required in case armature is

102. Copper brushes in D.C. machine are used

103. The open circuit voltage of a compound generator is 250 V. At full load the terminalvoltage

104. A sinusoidal voltage of 5 Hz is applied to the field of a shunt generator. The armaturevoltage wave

105. A 220 V D.C. generator is run at full speed without any excitation. The open circuitvoltage will be

106. The e.m.f. induced in the armature of a shunt generator is 600 V. The armatureresistance is 0.1 ohm. If the armature current is 200 A, the terminal voltage will be

107. If residual magnetism is present in a D.C. generator, the induced e.m.f. at zero speed willbe


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on DC Generator

DC Generator Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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