DBMS Quiz Question with Answer

21. A data dictionary is a special file that contains:

  1. The name of all fields in all files.
  2. The width of all fields in all files.
  3. The data type of all fields in all files.
  4. All of the above.

22. NULL is

  1. the same as 0 for integer
  2. the same as blank for character
  3. the same as 0 for integer and blank for character
  4. not a value

23. Hierarchical model is also called

  1. Tree structure
  2. Plex Structure
  3. Normalize Structure
  4. Table Structure

24. The RDBMS terminology for a row is

  1. tuple.
  2. relation.
  3. attribute
  4. degree

25. In a relational model, relations are termed as

  1. Tuples.
  2. Attributes
  3. Tables.
  4. Rows.

26. Architecture of the database can be viewed as

  1. two levels.
  2. four levels.
  3. three levels.
  4. one level.

27. What is a relationship called when it is maintained between two entities?

  1. Unary
  2. Binary
  3. Ternary
  4. Quaternary

28. Cross Product is a:

  1. Unary Operator
  2. Ternary Operator
  3. Binary Operator
  4. Not an operator

29. Which of the following operations need the participating relations to be unon compatible?

  1. UNION
  4. All of the above

30. To delete a particular column in a relation the command used is:

  2. DROP
  3. ALTER

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