Database Management System - DBMS Quiz Question with Answer

131. A ………………database state is one in which all data integrity constraints are satisfied

  1. consistent
  2. fixed
  3. complete
  4. Secure

132. One solution to the multivalued dependency constraint problem is to:

  1. Create a new theme.
  2. split the relation into two relations, each with a single theme
  3. Change the theme.
  4. add a composite key

133. The SQL command to creating a table is:

  1. Create table
  2. Make table
  3. Alter table
  4. Define table

134. The following are functions of a DBMS except………………

  1. creating databases
  2. creating and processing forms
  3. processing data
  4. administrating databases

135. Which of the following is not a Schema?

  1. Critical Schema
  2. Database Schema
  3. Physical Schema
  4. Logical Schema

136. DCL stands for

  1. Data Console Level
  2. Data Control Language
  3. Data Console Language
  4. Data Control Level

137. One aspect that has to be dealt with by the integrity subsystem is to ensure that only valid values can be assigned to each data items. This is referred to as

  1. Data Control
  2. Data Security
  3. Domain access
  4. Domain Integrity

138. DFD stands for

  1. Data Flow Diagram
  2. Data Flow Document
  3. Data File Diagram
  4. Non of the above

139. DML is a language by which user accesses or manipulates the………………

  1. Data integration
  2. Data model
  3. Data consistency
  4. Data sharing

140. Minimal data redundancy means improved………………

  1. Data integration
  2. Data independence
  3. Data consistency
  4. Data sharing

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