Data Mining Quiz Question with Answer

11. What are the two important qualities of good learning algorithm.

  1. Consistent, Complete.
  2. Information content, Complex.
  3. Complete, Complex.
  4. Transparent, Complex.

12. Metadata describes

  1. contents of database.
  2. structure of contents of database.
  3. structure of database.
  4. database itself.

13. What itself has become a production factor of importance.

  1. Data.
  2. Information.
  3. Program.
  4. Algorithm.

14. The partition of overall data warehouse is

  1. database.
  2. data cube.
  3. data mart.
  4. operational data.

15. DSS stands for

  1. Deciding Support System.
  2. Decision Support System.
  3. Decision Software System.
  4. Decision System of System.

16. Which one is an example for case based-learning.

  1. Decision trees.
  2. Neural networks.
  3. Genetic algorithm.
  4. K-nearest neighbor.

17. Redundancy refers to the elements of a message that can be derived from other parts of

  1. different message.
  2. irrelevant message.
  3. same message.
  4. complete message.

18. Data mining algorithms require

  1. efficient sampling method.
  2. storage of intermediate results.
  3. capacity to handle large amounts of data.
  4. All of the above.

19. The next stage to data selection in KDD process

  1. enrichment.
  2. coding.
  3. cleaning.
  4. reporting.

20. What is the first stage in genetic algorithm.

  1. Evaluation of each string.
  2. Selection of string.
  3. Creation of population of string.
  4. Genetic manipulation.

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