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Cultural Heritage of India Questions with Answers

51. Which is known as Tamil Bible

52. Which Mughal Emperors tomb was not in India

53. Which place is known as the gate of ancient India

54. Which was the main seaport of Cholas

55. Which was the main seaport of Pandyas

56. Who is the Sanskrit Scholar in the court of Chandraguta

57. Who built Brihadeshwara Temple

58. Who established the city of Pattalyputhra?

59. Who is the archelogist of Kalibagan

60. Who is the archeologist, Harappan Site was discovered

61. Who translated Arthasastra into English

62. Who used iron for the first time in India

63. Who was considered the lord of Vedas

64. Who was the father of vardhamana Mahavira

65. Who was the first leader of Kalinga in I centuy A.D

66. Who was the first victory of the protughese in the East?

67. Who was the founder of Buddhism

68. Who was the founder of Chalukya dynasty

69. Who was the founder of Jaimism

70. Who was the founder of Mourya dynasty

71. Who was the founder of Pallava dynasty

72. Who was the last greatest ruler of Chalukya dynasty

73. Who was the last king of Sunga dynasty

74. Who was the last Peshuea

75. Who was the tutor of Shivaji

76. Who wrote Arthasasthra

77. Who wrote Charaka Samhitha

78. Who wrote Gita Govinda

79. Who wrote Poverty and UnBritish Rule in India

80. Who wrote Raja Tharangini

81. Who wrote Tamil Ramayana

82. Who wrote the Kumara Sambavam

83. Who wrote Thirukural

84. Yava denoted


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Cultural Heritage of India

Cultural Heritage of India Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Cultural Heritage of India Trivia Quiz

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