Cultural Heritage of India MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Cultural Heritage of India MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on Cultural Heritage of India multiple choice questions and answers on Cultural Heritage of India MCQ questions on Cultural Heritage of India objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs and competitive exams.

Cultural Heritage of India Questions with Answers

1. About 3000 BC human civilization definitely existed in

2. Bharatham was a Tamil Version of Mahabharata Sung by

3. Buddhas Birth Place now is known as

4. Buddhas original name was

5. Buddhism originated in

6. Evidence of Fractional burial has been excavated from

7. Gandhara School of art came into existence

8. Golden Temple was situated in

9. Harappa was located on the river

10. How many World Heritage Sites are there today

11. In which year Kalibagab was excavated

12. In which year the Harappan Site was excavated

13. Jain Sacred texts are called

14. Manusmrithi was translated into English by

15. Meter Scale has been discovered from

16. the description of the love story of Kovalanand Kannaki

17. Mohanjedaro was excavated in year

18. Mohanjedaro was excavted by

19. Peshwaship was abolished in the year

20. The 1885 Congress session was held at

21. The famous astronomer who wrote Brihat Samhitha

22. The greatest work of the Tamil literature of the Sanfam age

23. The Greek historian who wrote about Alexanders Indian invasion

24. The Marath Script was known as

25. The Nagara Style of temple architecture is associated with

26. The name Inida was derived from the river name

27. The other name of Brihadeshwara Temple

28. The Source of Swastika symbol

29. The striking feature of the Indus Valley Civilization was

30. The word Godhume used in the vedic period denoted

31. The word Jaina was derived from the word

32. The word Jina

33. The word Mohanjedaro in Sindi Language means

34. The word Sindhan used by the Indus people denoted

35. The world Heritage fund was created on

36. The year of Battle of Plassey.

37. The year of first Maratha was

38. Vedic term Sita denoted

39. Weapon never used by the Induspeople

40. What is the nick name of Asoka

41. What is the original name of Shershah

42. What was the Major Industry in Chandudaro?

43. Where is Banwali situated

44. Where was Ambar Palace situvated

45. Where was Brihadeshwara Temple situvated

46. Where was Mohanjedaro situated

47. Which are the first cereals grown by Indians

48. Which is first Indus Site

49. Which is first manmade port in the world.

50. Which is known as 18 days of Battle


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Cultural Heritage of India

Cultural Heritage of India Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Cultural Heritage of India Trivia Quiz

Cultural Heritage of India Question and Answer PDF Online

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