Connecticut Trivia Questions with Answers

11. Which Connecticut river is famous for its scenic beauty and historic sites, including Gillette Castle?

  1. Farmington River
  2. Thames River
  3. Connecticut River
  4. Housatonic River

12. The Charter Oak, a symbol of American independence, is associated with which Connecticut city?

  1. New Haven
  2. Hartford
  3. New London
  4. Bridgeport

13. Connecticut is known for its maritime history. Which seaport town is home to the Mystic Seaport Museum?

  1. New London
  2. Mystic
  3. Stamford
  4. Bridgeport

14. The "Constitution State" nickname refers to:

  1. The U.S. Constitution
  2. Connecticut's own constitution
  3. The Constitution of 1701
  4. The state's commitment to constitutional principles

15. What is the state flower of Connecticut, recognized for its delicate white blossoms?

  1. Daffodil
  2. Violet
  3. Mountain Laurel
  4. Lily of the Valley

16. Connecticut is the birthplace of which famous pizza style known for its thin crust and coal-fired ovens?

  1. Chicago-style
  2. New York-style
  3. Neapolitan-style
  4. New Haven-style

17. In which year did Connecticut officially ratify the U.S. Constitution?

  1. 1776
  2. 1788
  3. 1791
  4. 1803

18. The Connecticut Huskies are known for their success in which collegiate sport?

  1. Basketball
  2. Football
  3. Soccer
  4. Baseball

19. Which island, accessible by ferry, is a popular destination off the coast of Connecticut and known for its Victorian architecture?

  1. Fishers Island
  2. Block Island
  3. Martha's Vineyard
  4. Shelter Island

20. What is the official state animal of Connecticut, a symbol of endurance and strength?

  1. White-tailed Deer
  2. Black Bear
  3. Moose
  4. Bald Eagle

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