Clouds Quiz Question with Answer

21. The percentage of radiant energy reflected back by surface is called

  1. Albedo
  2. Greenhouse effect
  3. Insolation
  4. Refraction

22. The prefix alto means

  1. Upper
  2. Middle
  3. Lower
  4. none of the above

23. The term stratus means

  1. Vertically developed
  2. Upper level
  3. Horizontally layered
  4. Low level

24. The two ingredients needed to form clouds aloft are

  1. Instability and lifting
  2. Lifting and saturated air
  3. Wind shear and Lifting
  4. Air with a high dewpoint and instability

25. These are cirrocumulus that look like fish scales.

  1. Lenticular
  2. Mackerel Sky
  3. Mares tails
  4. Uncinus

26. This is the visible portion of a tornadic circulation produced by condensation of rapidly rotating rising air.

  1. Hook echo
  2. Mammatus
  3. Funnel cloud
  4. Wall cloud

27. Thunderstorms originate from

  1. Nimbostratus clouds
  2. Altocumulus clouds
  3. Stratus clouds
  4. Cumulonimbus

28. What is a cloud?

  1. It is a kind of mist
  2. It is a kind of frost
  3. It is a kind condensed form of dew
  4. It is a kind of fog lifted above the earths surface

29. Which clouds occurs at the highest altitude

  1. Altostratus
  2. Cirrostratus
  3. Stratocumulus
  4. Noctilucent

30. Which of the following cloud are sometimes called fair weather clouds but can grow into more storm-condition douds, and continued upward growth suggests showers later in the day

  1. Cumulus
  2. Nimbostratus
  3. Stratus
  4. Stratocumulus

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