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CCNA Questions with Answers

1. Which one is among the IP routing protocols?

2. Which one is the correct features of X.25?

3. Which one of the following is not the characteristics of IGRP?

4. Which one of the following is not the characteristics of ISDN?

5. Which OSI layer associated with bits?

6. Which OSI layer establishes, maintains and terminates sessions between hosts?

7. Which OSI layer performs code conversion, code formatting and encryption?

8. Which statement is true regarding Administrative distance?

9. Which statement is true regarding half duplex?

10. A hardware device required to connect a Token ring network to an Ethernet network is?

11. A type of routing protocol that exchanges entire routing tables at regular intervals is?

12. Identify 2 transport layer protocols?

13. Identify IPX GNS and its purpose?

14. Identify the characteristics regarding MAC addresses?

15. Identify the default IPX serial encapsulation?

16. Identify the extended IP access-list number range?

17. Identify the features of PPP CHAP authentication?

18. Identify the hardware component that stores the backup configuration?

19. Identify the number range for IPX SAP filters?

20. Identify the OSI layer which is responsible for end-to-end connections?

21. Identify the purpose of the Ping command?

22. Inverse ARP serves what purpose?

23. Sequence and acknowledgement numbers are used for?

24. The Cisco IOS is stored where?

25. The purpose of the TCP 3 step handshake?

26. The purpose of the Trace command is?

27. The type of routing protocol that maintains a topological database of the network is?

28. What is the purpose of ARP?

29. What is the purpose of the wildcard mask?

30. Which of the following is the true statement regarding subnetting?


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CCNA Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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