Business Etiquette Quiz Question with Answer

11. If you are seated and someone approaches and offers to shake your hand, you should:

  1. Stand up and shake the persons hand.
  2. Raise yourself slightly from your chair and shake the persons hand.
  3. Dismiss the handshake as an unnecessary formality and motion for the person to sit down and join you.

12. If you know that an individual operates on an auditory channel and you want to let them know about an upcoming meeting, what would you say to them?

  1. If you look closely, I think you will see the meeting is in the Oak Room.
  2. I hear the meetings in the Oak Room. I have heard it has great acoustics.
  3. I am so glad its in the Oak Room. I love the woodwork there.

13. If you walk into the office of a person you do not know, do you offer to shake their hand?

  1. Yes. Its important to be a gracious guest when entering someones office.
  2. No. You enter their office slowly (with a pleasant expression on your face) and wait for them to offer to shake your hand; only then do you extend your hand for a handshake.
  3. You introduce yourself first, and then you initiate a handshake with them.

14. If you want to make a good impression on a senior executive when you meet them for the first time, its best to:

  1. Greet them and tell them about the project you are working on so they i will know what you are doing for the company.
  2. Appear genuinely sincere and ask them questions about the company and how they became an executive for the company.
  3. Appear pleasant and make brief short sentences that focus on them and wait for them to reply.

15. It is acceptable to leave on your personal cellular phone during office hours and answer it when it rings.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

16. Making small talk is vital for conducting business today because it:

  1. Gives people an insight into your character.
  2. Creates rapport with people and lets them know you are human.
  3. All of the above.

17. Office gossip destroys careers, however, if you are only listening to gossip:

  1. You are not guilty of gossiping, after all, you were just listening and not passing it on.
  2. You have a deeper understanding of the complex problems of your associations and can offer help when necessary.
  3. You are just as guilty as the one who is telling you gossip.

18. Once you are in someones personal office, you can create a level of rapport by:

  1. Asking them questions about their specific job function for their company.
  2. Tell them about your specific job function within your company.
  3. Make comments about the building, facility or some aspect of their office.

19. Regarding criticism in the workplace, remember to:

  1. Give criticism privately so it wont embarrass anyone.
  2. Criticize only a persons work related skills and avoid offering personal criticism.
  3. Offer a patient critique and never criticize anyone.

20. Someone in your office uses a wheelchair. When speaking to them, you:

  1. Sit down so that you are at eye level with them so they wont strain their neck.
  2. Offer to push their chair every time you see them as an act of courtesy.
  3. All of the above.

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