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Business Environment Questions with Answers

51. Which one is not an element of legal environment?

52. Which one is not the main objective of fiscal policy of India?

53. Who is the Chairperson of NITI Aayog?

54. Who is the current Chairman of NITI Aayog

55. Who represents a State in NITI Aayog Governing council?

56. Who represents a State in NITIs Regional council?

57. Who was the predecessor of WTO?

58. WTO is headquartered in

59. ...........are generally considered as controllable factors

60. ...........are goods undergone manufacturing process and are meant for further processing

61. ...........involves all those activities encompassing the trade in goods and services

62. a part of economic policy of a country

63. an organized movement to protect rights and powers of buyers in relation to sellers

64. the process of analyzing the environment for the identification of the factors which impact on the business

65. ...........Is the technique used to forecast the occurrence of complex environmental events

66. ...........refers to the system of moral principles and rules of conduct applied to the business

67. ...........sector contributes more than 70% of world GDP

68. A form of oligopoly where some degree of differentiation exists between products of different firms is

69. A mission statement explains...........of a firm

70. A tool for evaluating how satisfactory a company has discharged its social responsibilities is

71. Ancillarisation means

72. Approaches of a government towards public expenditure and revenue are known as

73. ASEAN stand for

74. BRICS was established in

75. Commodities are the goods produced by...........sector

76. Companies Act in India is administered by the

77. Consumer protection Act ieas enacted in the year

78. Critical success factors in the public sector usually relate to one of the following

79. CSRC stands for

80. Delay in accepting modern culture is termed as

81. Entry barriers include

82. EPZs stand for

83. Expand MSME

84. Expand TRIMs

85. Expand TRIPs

86. Factors which are beyond the control of a business are called

87. FEMA is a replacement to which Act?

88. Following are the features of a perfectly competitive industry

89. GATT was formed to fill up the gap of...... charter

90. GATT was transformed into a WTO with effect from

91. Generation of electricity includes in which sector?

92. How many Members are there in BRICS

93. How many members are there in SAARC?

94. ICSR stands for

95. IDRA stands for

96. ILO is headquartered at

97. ILO was founded in

98. IMF was established in

99. In 1993 Government of India set up a committee on disinvestment under the chairmanship of

100. In India finance commission is constituted in every


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Business Environment Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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