Business Communication Quiz Question with Answer

11. The communication cycle, the process of re translation of signals into ideas is called

  1. response
  2. encoding
  3. decoding
  4. feedback

12. The inside address should be written

  1. above the salutation
  2. below the salutation
  3. above the heading
  4. above the date

13. Reports from the subordinates to the superiors take the form of

  1. face-to-face communication
  2. upward communication
  3. downward communication
  4. visual communication

14. Pictures, slides, films fall under

  1. reporting
  2. body languages
  3. audio-visual communication
  4. visual communication

15. Realizing the potential of the self is part of the

  1. skill development
  2. communication development
  3. language development
  4. personality development

16. Salutation

  1. comes at the end of the letter
  2. comes above inside address
  3. begins at left hand margin of the letter
  4. comes in body of the letter

17. Messieurs

  1. is a title like Doctor
  2. a French term meaning gentlemen
  3. used in singular
  4. many

18. A memo is an example for

  1. lateral communication
  2. internal communication
  3. external communication
  4. Written communication

19. Gestures is an example for

  1. speeches
  2. body language
  3. grammar
  4. written

20. The term communis derived from .................... word

  1. Chinese
  2. Greek
  3. Latin
  4. English

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