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Blood Relation Question with Answer

1. P is the brother of Q, R is the sister of Q. How is P related to R?

  1. Brother
  2. Uncle
  3. Sister
  4. Father

2. M is the son of N, N is the daughter of R, R is the Husband of O and O is the mother of only son L. What is L to M?

  1. Father
  2. Uncle
  3. Son
  4. GrandFather

3. Sona is the sister of Babby, Babby is the brother of Sandeep and Sandeep is the son of Roshan.What is Roshan to Sona?

  1. Father
  2. Daughter
  3. Sister-in-law
  4. Sister

4. A is the father of B, B is the brother of C and C is the wife of D. What is D to A?

  1. Father-in-law
  2. Brother-in-law
  3. Son-in-lawe
  4. Sister-in-law

5. Qs mother is sister of P and daughter of M. S is the daughter of P and sister of T,How is M related to T?

  1. Grandfather
  2. Grandmother or GrandFather
  3. Grandmother
  4. Son

6. Rohan is brother of the son of Mohans son. What is the relationship between Rohan and Mohan?

  1. Rohan is brother of Mohan
  2. Rohan is grandson of Mohan
  3. Rohan is son of Mohan
  4. Rohan is brother-in-law of Mohan

7. Pointing to the woman in the picture, Govind said, Her mother has only one grand child whose mother is my wife. How is the woman in the picture related to Govind?

  1. Sister
  2. Wife
  3. cousin
  4. data inadequate

8. Anand is the uncle of Bimala, who is the daughter of Cauvery and Cauvery is the daughter in law of Palani. How is Anand related to Palani?

  1. Son
  2. son in law
  3. Brother
  4. newphew

9. Pointing to a man, Lakshmi says, This mans sons sister is my mother-in-law. How is the Lakshmis husband related to the man?

  1. son
  2. son-in-law
  3. grandson
  4. nephew

10. X and Y are two children of Mrs Z. X is the brother of Y. What is X to Z?

  1. Son
  2. Sister
  3. Daughter
  4. Brother

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