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Blood Relation MCQs questions answers

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Unlock the mysteries of familial connections and delve into the intricacies of kinship with our comprehensive collection of MCQ questions and answers on Blood Relations. Designed to test your logical reasoning skills and deepen your understanding of family dynamics, our curated set of multiple-choice questions offers a stimulating journey through the complexities of relationships. From deciphering family trees to unraveling the nuances of genetic inheritance, each question presents a unique opportunity to sharpen your analytical abilities and expand your knowledge base. Whether you're a student preparing for exams or an enthusiast seeking to delve deeper into the realm of human connections, our Blood Relations MCQ page provides an engaging and educational experience. Join us as we navigate through the labyrinth of familial bonds and uncover the hidden patterns that shape our understanding of kinship and lineage. Dive into our quiz and embark on a captivating exploration of Blood Relations today!

Blood Relation Questions with Answers

1. P is the brother of Q, R is the sister of Q. How is P related to R?

2. M is the son of N, N is the daughter of R, R is the Husband of O and O is the mother of only son L. What is L to M?

3. Sona is the sister of Babby, Babby is the brother of Sandeep and Sandeep is the son of Roshan.What is Roshan to Sona?

4. A is the father of B, B is the brother of C and C is the wife of D. What is D to A?

5. Qs mother is sister of P and daughter of M. S is the daughter of P and sister of T,How is M related to T?

6. Rohan is brother of the son of Mohans son. What is the relationship between Rohan and Mohan?

7. Pointing to the woman in the picture, Govind said, Her mother has only one grand child whose mother is my wife. How is the woman in the picture related to Govind?

8. Anand is the uncle of Bimala, who is the daughter of Cauvery and Cauvery is the daughter in law of Palani. How is Anand related to Palani?

9. Pointing to a man, Lakshmi says, This mans sons sister is my mother-in-law. How is the Lakshmis husband related to the man?

10. X and Y are two children of Mrs Z. X is the brother of Y. What is X to Z?

11. A is the son of B.C, Bs sister has a son D and a Daughter E. F is the maternal uncle of D. N is the mother of C and L is husband of N. How is F related to L?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Blood Relation

Blood Relation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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