Social Media and Online Casinos

Social Media and Online Casinos

The growing popularity and development of online casinos in the Middle East and Gulf as well as the elaborate digital marketing strategies cannot be overlooked. According to public data from the Global Online Casino Market Report, the number of players in this market is expected to exceed $2 billion making it one of the fastest-growing markets.

This rapid expansion can be attributed to the region's recent advancement of online gaming. Social media has been critical to the industry's growth. As the dominant marketing strategy, social media has ensured market segmentation expansion and assisted in reaching out to a large number of gamers.

The Impact of Social Media Platforms

Social media has become an indispensable part of modern life, with applications in marketing, communication, entertainment, and education. It is a platform that provides a variety of online services and allows users to interact and share content for recreational or commercial purposes.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and VidMate are among the most popularly used social media sites in the Middle East. Some of these platforms, such as Spotify, have even been monetized. On these platforms, users can access trending and developing news feeds and messages, as well as play games.

Businesses are actively shifting their operations to social media in order to broaden their customer reach. They can more effectively and affordably advertise their products and services on specific platforms for longer periods of time.

Social Media and Online Casinos

Because of its convenience and great results, most online gambling service providers have recently opted for social media marketing. Social media is widely used, which gives gambling service providers the chance to grow their presence within the necessary legal framework.

The gambling industry and its marketing are highly regulated in the Middle East, even illegal in most parts, but the rules vary from country to country. Nonetheless, while land-based casinos are almost nonexistent with only a few countries designating casinos to tourists, the best Arabic online casinos have recently emerged as a viable alternative for the region’s gamers.  

Despite the numerous restrictions, Arabic online casinos are able to directly engage their fans via social media without violating any marketing regulations. As a result, social media fosters an online community of casino players who share their winning strategies and experiences within a legal frame. 

Recent Industry Development

Gradual Policy Shifts

Online providers in the region's highly restricted gambling market can only interact directly with their subscribers and can barely reach out to new audiences. When a new development or change in the industry is announced by an online casino, its followers can inquire about the changes by posting comments or even tagging their friends.

Whereas a more diverse marketing strategy could help the budding industry grow much faster, gaming providers must adapt to the region's slow but steady changes. For example, more Middle Eastern countries are considering relaxing gambling regulations in order to promote other important sectors such as tourism. The UAE emirate of Ras al Khaimah has recently reached an agreement with casino behemoth Wyann Resort to build a 1000-room resort with legalized gaming in 2022.

Meanwhile, as policy shifts in the Middle East region take hold, social media is providing an excellent outlet for gamers.

Real-Time Streaming of Casino Content

Many online casinos using social media to market, can now broadcast live across multiple accounts at the same time. Viewers can make comments and participate in the live streaming while it is happening. They can interact with the host and ask questions that the host can answer. The brand can also demonstrate a live game, such as a new game being developed on the site. 

This development has enabled online casino providers to offer live dealer casino games just like the ones offered in land-based casinos as well as enhance the sports betting experience.    

Using Online Community Groups to Market

Because people with similar interests and goals can communicate on social media, online casinos in the Middle East region have taken advantage of this to create iGaming fan groups. Such community groups communicate about current issues and also follow other celebrity iGamers regionally and around the world to learn new gaming tips. Such online communities are great channels to learn about casino bonuses and other promotional incentives. 

Final Thoughts

Following the Covid pandemic, online casinos experienced a massive surge. The internet and evolving technology have been the primary drivers of growth. The online community has ensured growth by participating in polls and leaving comments on industry posts. This has resulted in a highly competitive gaming environment accepted even in the most conservative markets.

Online casinos are devising new strategies to ensure their survival in the Middle East and Gulf market. They are implementing important techniques to attract modern customers' attention by increasing brand recognition and developing loyalty without breaking existing regulations.