Security and privacy online. Anonymous NFT cell phone numbers.

Security and privacy online. Anonymous NFT cell phone numbers.

If you wish to register in any online service, you need a cell phone number to receive an SMS with a one-time confirmation code. In most cases these are social networks, messengers, financial services, etc. Also, the cell phone number will be required for SMS authentication when you re-enter an already-created account.

When the users carry out professional activities they may face the fact that their work accounts in social networks are blocked without the possibility of restoring full access to the account functionality. For example, Facebook bans advertising with no further explanation, citing non-compliance with the community rules for posting ads on the platform. Lots of digital specialists have burnt more than once on such incidents.

Otherwise, you need to constantly create new accounts on social networks, for example, if we take Twitter or Telegram - their multi-accounting purpose allows participating in cryptocurrency airdrops or for any other purposes as well.

It can be a painful experience when your cell phone number is compromised by fraudsters who copied your SIM card data and duplicated it. This way they can get access to your work e-mail, then to your bank account(s) or crypto exchange account. Which may lead to asset theft eventually. Once you get trapped in such a situation, many people even those who have skills in IT, get screwed. This is possible because of security holes.

Therefore, a cell phone number is an unsuccessful authentication tool for those who use important business services.

There are people who are meticulous about personal privacy online. It is important for them not to leave a digital footprint. In general it's preferred to maintain anonymity when you conduct economic activities on the internet by using the best practices.

What are the solutions based on Blockchain?

Fragment was amongst the first to offer Blockchain anonymity for cell phone numbers back in December 2022. This made it possible to register a Telegram account without a SIM card. The main disadvantage is that these cell phone numbers can be used only in Telegram.

You may ask what about other online services? And you're right.

Are there any other blockchain-based solutions that allow you to register an account in any online service, where you're requested to enter a one-time code via SMS for confirmation? And use it on a routine basis for authentication in the future?

Here comes the AnacCode project on the horizon. Having studied all the advantages and disadvantages of the product described above, the AnacCode team launches a service that gives you more.

What is AnacCode?

The AnacCode service makes it possible to buy anonymous cell phone numbers and receive activation codes when you decide to register on various services like Facebook, Telegram, TikTok, Instagram, Uber, and others.

The cell phone number is attached to NFT, which is very useful - all SIMs are in one place and there's no problem buying them. 

The other advantages that should be mentioned are:

  • the NFT number is a unique instance, it is impossible to forge or copy it in any way to gain access to another person;
  • it can be safely used for SMS authentication for key services such as a bank account, etc.;
  • NFT cell phone number has the following validity periods: 3, 6 and 12 months. Terms can be extended.

How can I earn with AnacCode?

Once you buy a cell phone number you can always sell it later - there will be an NFT marketplace where you can speculate. There are some attractive cell phone numbers that will increase in value (this is how they sold a cell phone number at price of $700,000 for activating Telegram account using Fragment platform — it is the only competitor of AnacCode).

ANAC tokens purpose is to serve as an access tool to receive the activation codes. To get the code you need to stake at least $10 in ANAC tokens, and there is a bonus for users — they will be able to receive 30% annual staking reward.

And the 3rd type of earnings is an affiliate program which will give you 5 to 10% commission when you decide to sell an NFT cell phone number. For example, the price for the cell phone number is 30 USDТ and your level is 10%, then you will receive 3 USDТ in your wallet account balance right away.

Where can I get more information?

You can learn more about the service and its product on the official website, as well as on Telegram and official profiles.