Most Important Pieces of Audiobook Recording Equipment

The production of audiobooks relies heavily on voice-over narrators. Voice-overs can be used in any form of media, from news reporting to experimental filmmaking. Even photo slideshows can benefit from a well-written narration.

Mastering voice-over narration is not difficult, and the equipment required is not too expensive. On the other hand, the tools you use to record and control sound will determine how good your narration is. The various types of audio recording equipment available to you and their proper use will be explained in this guide. This approach assumes that you are composing a narration for an audiobook or other form of storytelling and that your primary tools are video editing software and a computer. The same data can be used to create narration for audio podcasts, audiobooks, ADR (additional dialogue recording), and other projects involving multiple media. If you're new to recording audiobooks, you'll need equipment that meets Audible/Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) audio requirements and makes your voice sound good. On the other hand, you shouldn't spend more than you can afford on the equipment.

Our team at created a list of equipment mobilje te perdorura that you need in order to record audiobooks successfully.


For any voice over artist, the microphone is the most important piece of equipment. You will be able to produce audio of a high quality with this necessary device. A good microphone will have a significant impact on the quality of your recordings, so it is essential to purchase one. While our round-up list of the best microphones for voice-overs is a great place to start if you're on a tight budget, investing in a good microphone will save you money in the long run.


Closed-back headphones of studio quality cover your entire ear. Closed-back headphones are advantageous because they prevent sound from escaping and run the risk of being picked up by your microphone. Having good headphones allows you to catch errors early and correct them before beginning editing, which is helpful for narration. Unwanted breaths, mouth clicks, pops, and other sounds can also be heard. Drinking water, slowing down, or taking a break are frequently the solutions to these problems. The OneOdio Closed Back is one option for low-cost headphones. It's a good place to start for newcomers and is a Best Seller on Amazon.

Pop filters

When you record something, do you ever notice the obnoxious popping or hissing of the letters "P" or "S"? This is because your recording does not have a pop filter, which is a screen that collects and diffuses these sounds before causing distortion in your audio.

Mic boom arm

A microphone boom arm gives your microphone support. The microphone is held upside down and above your head by the boom. The microphone's bottom ought to be level with your eyes. However, the microphone ought to be between six and ten inches away from your face. The InnoGear Microphone Stand is a microphone boom that is a Best Seller on Amazon. For beginners, this boom is affordable and compatible with the Blue Snowball microphone. A pop filter is also included with this stand.

Software for an audio compressor

This is used to even out an audiobook's volume. Let's say you're recording an audiobook, but some sentences have you speaking more softly than others. Because your voice is constantly changing volume, it won't sound professional when played back.

The loudest parts of your audiobook will be lowered to a threshold level by an audio compressor. Like adjusting the volume, it doesn't lower the entire audio file. You can set the threshold for how loud is too loud with a dependable compressor.

Choose free compressor software for your first audiobook recording. You probably won't need many features anyway, so it might not have as many features as a paid tool.

Some of the best free compressor plugins are the TDR Kotelnikov and TDR Molotok. Both interfaces are very straightforward and simple to use. The usual controls for ratio, attack, release, and threshold can be found on each dashboard. The volume of your audiobook will remain constant thanks to these features.

Space for a quiet recording

If you don't have a quiet room, get some soundproofing equipment. Ambient noise can ruin your recording, so make sure you have a way to block it. A recording studio used by voice actors. If you want to soundproof your room, you need to stop these vibrations because sound travels through vibrations nissan navara ne shitje.

However, you are not required to make an expensive soundproofing setup purchase. A quiet room in your house and a few foam panels on the walls are all you need.

Acoustic foam panels

It can be a cost-effective way to set up your studio and start narrating your audiobook without having to worry about noise issues. All you need to do to attach these foam panels to your walls is purchase some high-quality glue and spend about $20.

The Digital Audio Workstation or DAW

DAW is a piece of software that lets you edit and master audio files. Because this is software, you can probably imagine that the more money you spend, the more built-in support for managing audio files you'll get.

However, you can always start with a free DAW if you are new to editing. GarageBand for Mac and Audacity for PC are two favorites. We suggest ACX Check if you do use Audacity. This plugin ensures that you comply with all ACX mastering requirements.

Adobe Audition has a few software features that dramatically reduce your editing and mastering time if you're willing to spend a few dollars a month on them. Author and narrator M. L. Buchman suggests using this DAW.

A Final Word on audiobook recording equipment

You can spend as much or as little on audiobook recording equipment as you like. Getting high-quality audio requires high-quality equipment, but you can also build a home studio on a tight budget. Make an effort to record an audiobook based on your own novel or short story after spending some time doing your research and purchasing the necessary tools. Expand your options once you have a home recording studio. For instance, you can record music, work as a voiceover artist, and record a podcast all with the same equipment.

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