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Can You Afford a Virtual Assistant?

Is your to-do list piling up? Is it taking you longer each day to clear your inbox and respond to social media comments? If your answer is yes, then a virtual assistant may be the solution you are looking for.

Hiring a virtual assistant can benefit both you and your business. But how much......

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Top 5 Freelance Gigs Perfect for Students' Skill Sets

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If we ask an average college student about what would be a perfect freelance gig for them (not the musical one!), we shall receive answers that......

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Computer Science Careers: Opportunities and Education Pathways for Students

In today's technology-driven world, an education in computer science provides students with an array of choices and bright prospects. Computer science is a broad study that includes anything from software development and artificial intelligence to cybersecurity and data analysis. With the increased......

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5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

One of the first steps toward your dream job is to apply for it. And to be accepted, you need to have a perfect resume to give to your employer.

But it can be hard to write your resume. This is especially when there are many tips out there that may seem helpful but can do more harm than good.......

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A Professional's Guide to Applying For Jobs in Germany

Are you a German native who is getting ready to look for jobs in Germany? Or are you moving to this country soon and preparing to test the job market in Germany?

Unfortunately, the unemployment rate in Germany is a little higher than you might like. It recently

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