How to Protect a Comic Book Cover

How to Protect a Comic Book Cover

Are you looking to invest in a comic book collection?

Comics were once considered a low-brow form of entertainment. Today, they're so much more! Comics have adapted to their new readers by including multiple storylines and artistic styles on the same page.

Like any type of book collecting, you want to make sure your collection is preserved. If you're new to the world of comic book collection, you might be wondering how to protect comic book covers.

Keep reading to learn more about comic book cover protection and how you can keep your collection safe!

Invest in a Protective Bag and Board Combo

Investing in a protective bag and board combo is essential for preserving and protecting best-selling comic books from damage and wear. It's easy to take and install these items to ensure the longevity of your favorite series.

Firstly, choose a mylar or polypropylene bag suitable for comic books, and then purchase an acid-free backing board that is an appropriate size. Once both items are acquired, slip the bag around the comic and insert the backing board.

Close the bag with a zip or a flip-top seal to ensure that the comic does not slip out and stays sealed from outside dirt and moisture. Finally, use tape to seal and secure the bag and prevent any kind of contamination from the inside.

Keep Your Comic in an Archival Quality Comic Box

Using an archival quality comic box to store your collection is the best way to properly preserve your comic's condition. Archival boxes are constructed with sturdy materials such as acid-free cardboard or plastic which provides protection from dirt, dust, bending, and water damage.

Be sure to use comic bags and boards to protect your comic's cover from damages caused from air, moisture, and possible handling. Look for bags and boards labeled "acid-free". Place comics in individual bags with boards and stack the boxes on shelves according to the size of the comics. This will help protect comic covers from scratching or tearing while keeping them organized.

Store Comic Books in a Temperature-Controlled Environment

Storing comic books in a temperature controlled environment can help to protect your comic book cover store. It is important to maintain a temperature of about 65 to 75°F and a relative humidity of around 40-50%.

It is important to also maintain a consistent environment and avoid temperature fluctuations between day and night. Placing the books in an area with indirect sunlight and away from direct sunlight can also prevent damage from being done to the comic books from harsh UV rays. It is also important to keep your comic book area in a dark area with no moisture or smoke.

Protecting a Comic Book Cover the Right Way

Protective sleeves, boards, and cases can extend the life of your comic books. A comic book cover that has been treated with care will look amazing for years to come!

Take the extra step to ensure your collection stays safe and in excellent condition. Start protecting your books today!

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