A Guide to Identifying and Avoiding Plagiarism

A Guide to Identifying and Avoiding Plagiarism

In this digital era, content carries the utmost importance for websites to sustain their positions and achieve growth. Hence, it is well understood by all website owners that there is no place for plagiarized content in the web world. The new entrants often face confusion in figuring out how to deal with plagiarism. To counter plagiarism, you must first know the places where it exists. Due to the advancement in technology, the process of identifying and avoiding plagiarism has become quite easy. Besides using technology, you can also rely on some manual methods to handle plagiarism. If you are wondering what these methods are, then go through this article till the end.

This guide will take you through the process of identifying and avoiding plagiarism. So, let's get started without any further ado!

How to Detect Instances of Plagiarism?

Detecting plagiarism can be difficult and easy, depending on the method you use to perform this task. The possible ways to identify the instances of plagiarism are discussed below.

Cross-Check Websites

If you are unsure about the originality of the article you have written down, you can conduct a manual check to identify plagiarism. While writing, you may have taken assistance from a wide range of sources to clear your thoughts and ideas about the topic. The chances are that your work could contain similar text from the sources you visited earlier. To check plagiarism from online platforms, you can manually cross-check your content with the text available on websites. You can open your text file and browser in split windows and conduct a similarity check on your own. However, this method is going to end up consuming ample time. In addition, it won't promise to deliver accurate results, and several instances of plagiarism may remain undetected.

Use an Online Tool

Instead of doing all the hard work on your own, you can use an online plagiarism checker to quickly check plagiarism from any kind of text. A copyright checker works on automated algorithms that run a text against the content available in databases to figure out the chunks of plagiarized words and phrases. Its deep search technology and AI-based mechanism require no human intervention. Within no time, a plagiarism checker software can detect plagiarism from your entire text and provides you with accurate results. You can also get your hands on a plagiarism scan report using the tool. You can effortlessly check the sources from where the text has been plagiarized with the help of a plagiarism tool .

Best Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

After identifying plagiarism, you must be eager to figure out the ways that can help you avoid it. If you want to completely eliminate the existence of plagiarism in your content, the following below mentioned ways can surely help you out.

Write on Unexplored Topics

The best way to avoid plagiarism is by unveiling your creativity. If you wish to make sure that your content doesn't contain even the slightest percentage of plagiarism, then you should explore and write on topics that haven't been touched by anyone before. With the help of this strategy, you'll not only be avoiding plagiarism, but you will also be exploring your creative side. As a result, you'll be able to deliver content that captures the audience's attention due to its creativeness and originality.

Don't Research & Write Simultaneously

A significant problem that leads writers to plagiarize information is their tactic of writing and researching simultaneously. When you find details about a topic you are assigned to write on and write words right after reading every paragraph or sentence, there are high chances of duplicating the exact text. Even though you don't intend to plagiarize and are just taking an idea, you will still end up with several instances of plagiarism in your text. To avoid plagiarism, you must carry out the entire research part at first and start writing after its completion. It will give you an idea about the topic and the things you need to discuss. As a result, you'll be able to use your own words and save yourself from writing the same sentences or phrases.

Paraphrase the Text

When you are required to deliver content in a short time, you may end up copy-pasting several portions of text in the fuss. In this case, the best way to avoid plagiarism is by paraphrasing the text. Paraphrasing is a process of achieving clarity by making use of your own words to describe an already published article. To execute this strategy, you can follow the golden rule of paraphrasing, which is based on the 4Rs (read, restate, recheck, and repair). If you still don't have enough time, you can rely on an AI-based paraphrasing tool. This tool is designed to help writers paraphrase any kind of text in seconds. You can use this tool to get plagiarism-free text without investing time and effort.