CS:GO Now Has a Verification System to Fight Scams

CS:GO Now Has a Verification System to Fight Scams

CS:GO will integrate a new “Face Verification System” in an attempt of combating scammers and hackers. Potential cheaters within the CS:GO environment may be a thing of the past, with the new face verification system. FaceIT will make it hardly possible to cheat, hack, or surf within the esports community.

If you belong to the army of CS:GO fans, you will have to prove your identity as well. Let’s see how it works in practice.

Face IT CS:GO Defined

FACEIT, part of ESL FACEIT Group, is a verification service that delivers an "unmatched layer of security and trust" when playing and betting at https://cover.gg/matches/finished. It aims to fight off cheaters with its new face verification system. It will need players to provide proof of a national Photo ID, adding the player to their system and preventing them from making double accounts in the future.

The new face verification system was developed by Daon, a Digital Identity Trust Company. Is it appreciated by the game fans? Actually, there is a kind of controversy associated with the recent update.

Sharing government information just to "play a video game" is ridiculous. At the same time, FaceIT can finally deal with the problem of fraudulent activities. Just imagine how much harm has been caused to the average player and Valve has been ignoring this problem for quite a long time. Fortunately, the situation has finally received a proper response.

How Will the FaceIT Verification System Work?

The new system will directly approach those that try to create numerous accounts. This will prevent high-level players from "smurfing", registering low-level accounts to compete against less skilled players. Additionally, those banned from fraudulent activities in the past will be unable to create a new account. 

What Is the Value of the FaceIT Verification System?

The FaceIT system doesn’t cost a thing. Moreover, it is an optional feature. Those who have been accused of malicious behavior will have to use the new system to prove their identity. 

With CS:GO having verification issues, the new system is expected to create an additional level of security for the competitors. The platform owner will allow players to be verified for the sake of a better user experience.

FaceIT is one of the recent releases that happen to be part of the FACEIT system. The new verification program cooperates with DAON, a digital identity company that promises to "securely authenticate and manage identity throughout the customer’s online lifecycle”. This way, the customer identities are properly verified, safely secured, and easily recovered when needed. 

The best thing about FaceIT is its free use. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The system is free to use. In order to properly complete the verification, you need to scan a QR code, attach a photo of yourself, and add one additional identification document (e.g. a passport or driver's license).

After following the verification link, the potential player visits a page with a QR code. Once the code is scanned with a mobile device, the user will click the link and visit a webpage asking the user to scan their face. If all is done well, the page then asks for a passport or driver's license.

Will the FaceIT Verification System Do Any Good to Players?

The program development is based on the idea of removing more "smurfs" and cheaters and creating a better gameplay experience. Possessing multiple accounts shouldn’t be a problem anymore as it doesn’t give players an opportunity to create a more equitable matchmaking experience. Additionally, the verification can act as a workaround for the financial obstacle to FACEIT Premier, which stopped some users from having a higher-level experience.

While the verification system currently has an optional status, it might become mandatory when accessing specific esports competitions. Organizators of large esports events don’t want to put their participants and viewers at risk of losing personal and financial data. So FaceIT as a safety measure can be an excellent solution that will say “Goodbye” to scams and other fraudulent activities. Users now wait for the actual implementation of the given update.