Boost your business with a virtual number in Turkey

Boost your business with a virtual number in Turkey

Are you looking to expand your business in Turkey and want to connect with customers directly for sales and support? The cloud-based technology allows you to connect direct calls made from virtual phone numbers in Turkey by using simple, web-based online applications. A Turkish phone number assists you in establishing a local presence even when you are positioned in another country. It can help you expand your reach and, consequently, your customer base.

Make a virtual phone call just like a regular phone call

When you dial a call to the customer, it will look as if you are dialling from the phone, and your virtual phone number will be displayed to the customer. Incoming calls to Turkey virtual number may be forwarded to your own network via the public internet or by direct peering.

What are virtual numbers?

Virtual numbers refer to geographic numbers. These are numbers that start with an area code that is related to a specific location. Users can dial this number at the cost of a local call. A virtual phone number is actually a regular phone number. The single difference is that a virtual number isn’t connected to any physical phone line or to any SIM card. The calls can be made easily with free mobile apps for Android or iPhone or from a desktop application on your PC.

There are plenty of challenges when growing your business into a global market, whether in a new city or on the other side of the world. Establishing the right channels for sales, marketing, and customer support is essential for your business. Whether your business is offline or online through e-commerce, you must establish a connection with end users in order to promote your business and provide customer support on existing products. One of the quickest ways is to use local, trusted phone numbers that will help you better connect with the individuals you serve, no matter if you offer a physical product or bits on the web.

Use of DID numbers

The IP-based phone numbers, or DIDs (direct inward dialling), have made setting up your local contact centre (which could be virtual, too) way easier and less expensive than the old way of doing things. A DID number is a regular phone number that is not directly associated with a (traditional) telephone line and can hence be offered as a cloud service, on a global scale. Not having to deal with local traditional telcos in many countries gives your company more time and resources to focus on your core business.

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Benefits of Using a Virtual Number in Turkey

  • Run your advertising campaigns and boost your sales with business growth.
  • Every conversation is secure and confidential
  • Reduce International call cost. Do international calling at a cheap rates
  • You can forward the call made to Turkey to any place in the world
  • Use mobile application to receive incoming calls
  • At low rates, forward incoming calls to a regular local phone number
  • Rent or Buy a phone number in Turkey with no contracts
  • Flexible pricing and the best plan for monthly subscriptions


Businesses buy and use virtual numbers to provide customer support and increase consumer interaction with the corporation. Long-distance calling is always avoided by clients because of the international call rates, and this is why customers support a solution where they would not have to pay anything for making the call or they would get charged local rates only. Having a virtual phone number for Turkey will give you a significant boost in your business, as residents and potential customers always prefer local numbers to connect and communicate. /