The Best Employment Lawyer Firm in Sydney

The Best Employment Lawyer Firm in Sydney

Employment and workplace relations law in Australia is a bit complex, made up of numerous complicated and interrelated federal, state, and common laws. Employment law refers to the set of laws and rules that regulate relations between employers and employees. It deals with the administrative rules, legislation, precedents, and legal rights of workers, employers, and trade unions. The interaction between these elements can create complications that require specialist employment lawyers to assist you and handle the matter professionally and skilfully. Stevens & Associates has a growing reputation as one of Sydney’s most skilled and dedicated employment and business relations law firms. As the finest employment lawyers Sydney has today, the firm is committed to providing a quality legal service and the best advice to its clients.

Some of the common criteria where an employee needs legal advice include:

  • For an unfair dismissal.
  • For an unpaid wage.
  • For the violation of your employment rights.
  • Workplace discrimination.
  • For any other legal issues concerning workplace issues that have harmed employment relationships.

Some of the common criteria where an employer needs legal advice include:

  • Drafting employment contracts and agreements.
  • Workplace investigations, grievances, and disputes.
  • Merger and acquisition activities.
  • Implementing workplace change programs.
  • Sale and transfer agreements of businesses.
  • Resolving labour and union disputes.
  • Workplace safety audit protocols and procedures.

Major Services offered by Stevens & Associates

Employment Contracts

When offering employment, an employment contract offered must comply with relevant Australian legislation, as well as the requirements of Fair Work Australia, specific awards, and relevant enterprise agreements. It's an agreement with key terms and conditions of an individual’s employment and the rights and responsibilities of both employer and employee. Stevens & Associates is a competent employment law advisor to guide you through drafting employment contracts and to make sure that you comply with workplace law.

Independent Contracts

Independent contracts slightly differ from employment contracts. An independent contractor is a person or entity engaged in a work performance agreement with another entity as a non-employee. The firm can assist independent contractors to understand their workplace rights and the preferences available to them, which are more partial than those offered to employees.

Services for Employers and HR

Stevens & Associates offers a complete advisory service for employers and HR in drafting contracts and agreements related to hire, termination, staff policies, underpayment disputes, employee disputes, and other HR activities at the workplace.

Services for Employees

The firm has decades of experience assisting employees in all types of workplace disputes, including: unfair dismissal, general protections, workplace bullying, redundancy, discrimination, contract advice, sexual harassment, and underpayment of entitlements. You can have expert advice on the full spectrum of employees, from apprentices to senior executives in both the public and private sector.

Unfair Dismissal Lawyers

Unfair dismissal is hard on every employee, and there are strong employment rights to justify you if you are dismissed wrongly. Stevens Lawyers can assist you in getting the justice you deserve. They have a strong team of legal experts to handle your case efficiently, so you don’t miss your chance to lodge an unfair dismissal claim.

Also, if an employer feels that one of its employees has filled out an unfair dismissal application against them, then the agency can assist you in defending your company as per the employment law.

Why Choose Stevens & Associates for Employment Lawyers in Sydney?

Since 2004, Stevens & Associates has been providing professional and comprehensive employment law services. The firm specialises in employment and workplace relations law. The team builds a strong, long-term relationship with clients and personally assists them in resolving their workplace disputes. They are consistent in delivering commercial, practical solutions with a focus on problem-solving approach and client success.

A Professional Team of Lawyers

They have a highly qualified team of lawyers who have extensive experience in both practical and theoretical aspects of handling any legal matter.

Complete Employment Law Services

Stevens & Associates offers you the complete suite of employment law services, including strategy development, advice, advocacy, and training.

A Proven Track Record

Stevens & Associates have broad expertise in the area of employment law, along with a proven track record for effectively and swiftly resolving diverse workplace law issues. They won the 5-Star Employment Lawyer award from Human Resources Director Magazine in 2021 and were recommended by DOYLES Employment in 2022.

Fair Charges

The agency charges are nominal and fair enough with a pure value of money for your services undertaken.


If you are looking for an expert employment lawyer in Sydney, Stevens & Associates firm is the first and foremost choice to approach for all legal employment matters and achieve the best outcomes.