Australian Open 2024: men's tournament preview

The new tennis season on the ATP Tour promises to be extremely exciting. The big sport will be left (according to the tennis player himself) by the Spanish legendary athlete, 37-year-old Rafael Nadal. Will the Serbian “ageless” Novak Djokovic retain his leadership? Who will take the title at the Australian Open 2024? What to expect from the favorites and shadow contenders for the trophy? Bets on this event are accepted by


The most experienced Serb still looms at the top of the rankings. In 2023, he again added many titles to his track record, including 3 Grand Slams: Australian Open, Roland Garros and US Open. In addition, he won in Adelaide, as well as at the Masters: Final, in Paris and Cincinnati.


The Spanish talent can count as an asset a victory at Wimbledon, in the final over Djokovic, thereby preventing the Balkan from winning the calendar Grand Slam. Among the titles in the year, we can note the clay: Buenos Aires, Madrid and Barcelona. There were also victories in the Queens Club, Indian Wells, finals in Cincinnati and Rio de Janeiro.


The 27-year-old former world number one started the year well, taking trophies in Rotterdam, Doha, Dubai, and became a finalist at the Masters in Indian Wells and Miami. He only shot on clay in Rome, defeating Rune in the final. Further, Daniil recorded the Wimbledon semi-finals and the USO final. At the end of the year, Medvedev reached the finals in Vienna and Beijing, adding to this a semi-final at the Final Event.


The Italian tennis player has improved a lot this year. Still, he has never risen above fourth place in his career. The 22-year-old athlete excelled in Montpellier at the beginning of the year and played in the finals in Miami and Rotterdam. In the middle of the season, Sinner reached the semi-finals at Wimbledon, then won in Toronto at the Masters. In the autumn, Yannick added two trophies to this in Vienna and Beijing. At the final Masters, the Italian played in the final, but lost to Djokovic.


The Russian tennis player started the year with two defeats, but soon regained his form and reached the quarter-finals at the Aus Open, losing to Novak. The 26-year-old athlete became a finalist in Dubai, Banja Luka, Halle, and the Masters in Shanghai. Rublev took titles in Bastad and Monte Carlo. At the end of the season, Andrey reached the 1/2 finals in Vienna and Paris. And at the Masters Cup he lost in all three matches with a 0:6 set balance.


The Greek player got off to a strong start, winning all his matches at the United Cup and also reaching the final at the Major in Melbourne. Tsitsipas won the title in Los Cabos. Stefanos made it to the finals of Barcelona, played in the quarterfinals of Madrid, Roland Garros, Monte Carlo, and the ½ finals of Vienna, Paris, and Antwerp. But at the Final, Hellenic starred in the second match of the group, having initially lost in the first.


26-year-old Alexander failed at the beginning of the year, stopping at the Aus Open at the second stage. But in the spring, Zverev played in the semi-finals of Dubai and Geneva. Then reached ½ at the French Open, Beijing, Cincinnati and Halle. Further - even more. The German won the title at his home tournament in Hamburg, then in Chengdu. At the US Open, Alex lost at the ¼ stage. At the final competition, the seventh racket of the world won in two meetings, but one defeat ended his chances of leaving the group.


The talented Dane continues to progress. Holger reached the semi-finals in Acapulco, Montpellier, Queens Club, and also in Basel. Rune won in Munich, reached the finals in Rome and Monte Carlo. Good results can be considered ¼ finals at Wimbledon, Masters in Paris and Roland Garros. The eighth number in the world classification did not make it through the subgroup at the Masters Cup, winning only one match out of three.


The 26-year-old Pole had perhaps the best season of his career and was rightfully in the top 10. Hubert took the title in Marseille, at the Masters in Shanghai, and also in Basel. At the Grand Slam tournaments, Hurkac performed unconvincingly, making it no further than the ⅛ finals. But we can note the semi-finals in Stuttgart, Cincinnati, and the quarter-finals in Dubai and Paris. As a reserve tennis player, he replaced Tsitsipas in the Masters Cup bracket and lost to Djokovic in three sets in a meaningless match.


The American can boast of successful play on hard and unloved clay in 2023. Fritz won the trophy in Delray Beach, Atlanta. 10th in the table of ranks, the player achieved semi-finals in Dallas, Acapulco, Monte Carlo, Munich, Geneva and Washington. Taylor Harry also has reached the quarter finals of Indian Wells, Miami, Stuttgart, Cincinnati and the US Open. In addition to the American Grand Slam, the former fifth racket of the world was eliminated at other events long before the second week. He ended the year with a refusal in the second round of Paris (Masters).

Possible contenders

In Melbourne, Nole is already considered a favorite. Young guys are not catching up so quickly yet and are still not able to compete with him over a long distance (5 sets). The more experienced ones also don't hold up, not being able to play consistently. So, if Novak is in his usual condition, with his experience and class at his favorite Slam, there should be no problems. Take last year’s tournament, the Serbian player gave away only one set at an early stage, and even that was in a tiebreaker. So there are too many advantages for the main favorite and number one in the world classification.

Our forecast

In the current reality at the Grand Slam, Djokovic can be stopped by players who can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Alcaraz, Tsitsipas, Sinner and Medvedev. But for this, the Balkan needs to be dragged into ragged tennis, and not long rallies on the back, where Novak excels.

The same Spaniard and Greek have a chance to grab one set at best, but they can hardly count on more. To do this, the guys must be in their best shape.

Yannick has improved greatly by winning the Davis Cup against the Serbian, but he still lacks the power to achieve confident victories in the long term.

Daniil failed the last event in Melbourne and the US Open final showed his weaknesses against the background of Nole, who feels like a fish in water in Australia. So our prediction for winning the competition: Novak Djokovic wins.

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