7 Reasons to Get Hair Analysis Testing

7 Reasons to Get Hair Analysis Testing

Remember the old rumor that your hair and nails continue to grow after your die? Well, fun fact, that is entirely a myth.

Even though her hair does not continue to grow post mortem, it is an undervalued component of your body. Many do not realize that your hair is more than just something for you to style in the morning. After a hair analysis test, you can learn many useful facts about your body--some of which could have a huge impact on your health.

Keep reading as we discuss seven reasons why you should get hair analysis testing.

1. A Hair Analysis Test Can Reveal Past Drug Usage

Do you have employees that you suspect are using drugs? A drug test may reveal nothing, since it can only detect drug usage within the past few days or weeks at most. But your hair holds onto that evidence for much longer.

The drugs that go through your circulatory system end up in trace amounts in your hair. As the hair grows, the drugs remain there in the strands. Taking a shower or a bath is not sufficient to remove them.

Granted, this particular usage of a hair analysis test is pretty rare. Getting hair testing for another person requires their consent, and will only work in very unique situations. It's not the sort of analysis you spring on your employees at random.

But it is fascinating to know that your hair works almost like arctic ice. That is, it traps evidence of things that happened long ago.

2. It Can Reveal Evidence of Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are terrible for your health. They are literal poison for your body. And since they are so dense, it is very difficult for your body to flush them out.

Unfortunately, many people won't notice if heavy metals are making it into their systems. Typically, it occurs because consume a food source has heavy metals in it. It's only much later when you suffer serious health effects that it is too late to do much anymore.

So, hair analysis testing can reveal the presence of heavy metals, such as arsenic. Then you could identify the source of these metals and keep your health intact.

3. It Can Reveal How Good Your Hair Health Is

The health of your hair contributes to your comfort, hair care needs, and overall self-esteem. Having luscious, soft hair is certainly much better than dry, split ends.

Mineral analysis can indicate what things your body is lacking specifically. You may require certain hair products to replenish the missing vitamins.

This is especially helpful if you've tried all of the snazzy, expensive shampoos. You spend hundreds of dollars on them, but they have no effect. After hair testing, you get a better idea of what hair maintenance you actually need.

4. It Can Tell You If You're Stressed

Stress does more than just gray your hair. It also leads to deficiencies in certain minerals and prevents your body from replenishing them.

To give two examples, magnesium and zinc don't hold up well under stress. Your body struggles to retain them when they are overworked or overextended. A hair analysis test could very well reveal that you need to take a break.

5. It Can Tell if You Have an Unhealthy Lifestyle

We get it, it's hard to live healthy. You allow yourself to have a messed up sleep schedule or eat out at McDonald's every chance you get. You skip the stairs for the elevator and go to the gym once a year in January.

Of course, this stuff does incredible damage to you in the long run if you don't keep it in check. Having hair testing done could be a wake-up call for you. It could show you why you need to take your health more seriously.

6. It Could Warn You about Your Drinking Water Quality

Water comprises at least 70% of all humans. That's why just a tiny drinking water contamination can easily make you sick--or poison you in the long term.

Hair is what archeologists use to determine the cause of death for bodies they find. Oftentimes, they can determine if someone was poisoned just with their hair. In the same vein, you can become aware of poisonous substances floating around in your next tall glass of water.

Plus, your hair grows at a consistent rate. So by taking a strand of your hair, your doctors can identify when something happened. This won't be an exact science, but they could give you an idea of when this contamination happened.

7. It Can Diagnose Genetic Diseases and Future Hair Loss

Sure, your hair contains DNA. So it's not a stretch to say that you can unpack this DNA and reveal genetic diseases. But you can learn about these diseases without a complicated, costly DNA test.

As an example, one common genetic disease (Fragile X Syndrome) is easy to spot in the follicles. Getting a hair analysis could tell you that you have it before you experience symptoms. That way, you can visit your doctor and get appropriate treatment sooner rather than later.

Get a Hair Analysis Test Today

By now, it's pretty clear that your hair is more than just this weird keratin rope sticking out of your skin. It can reveal incredible things about your health and overall well-being. A hair analysis test is the best way to find all of this out.

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