7 Different Types of AC: How to Choose the One?

Gone are those days when ACs were confined to big offices only as nowadays, ACs have become ubiquitous and we have become so much accustomed to them that we can't even imagine sleeping in the summer season without an AC.

When the temperature spirals out of control during the summer season and when the room turns into a sweltering jungle, the only thing that can save you from the unbearable heat is the AC. But with time, the types and varieties of AC have widened and by the look of things, there is no way you can tell which AC will be better for you.

To make things easier, we have come up with a list of all the 7 types of ACs available in the market so that you can choose the best one for your room or office.

7 Types of AC you can choose from

Portable AC

This is the most popular type of AC available in the market and they are considered ideal for cooling a single room without going extravagant with your budget. If you need some cooling in your room and if you need it to be cheap and quick then install portable AC by calling a technician just like you call AO Smith customer care number for installing water purifier.

The good things about these ACs are you don't have to mount them or install them in a specific room as they are mobile and come with wheels. But keep in mind that you also have to move the air pipe with the AC as well.

Window AC

If you are searching for an AC and if you don't come across a window AC then you must be searching for something else. Windows ACs are the most common type of ACs and you must have seen their back-half hanging from the windows of buildings.

One part of the AC is facing indoors while the other part is facing outdoors. The good thing about these ACs is you don't need multiple devices or a single device with an air vent and this is why you don't have to be wary of window AC.

Floor-mounted AC

These ACs are quite similar to the wall-mounted ACs but instead of mounting them on the wall, they are mounted on the floor. And just like wall-mounted pipes, two pipes go through the wall for expelling the hot air.

There is no way you can install a floor-mounted AC by yourself since it requires professional help and therefore calling a technician just like you do in the case of water purifiers by calling Livpure customer care number is the best approach.

Wall-mounted AC

These are quite niche cooling appliances and this is ideal for those people who live in old buildings that turn into a sweltering jungle during the summer season. The wall-mounted AC is more popularly known as a split AC and no part of the AC needs to face outdoors.

With strong supporters, the AC can be easily hung on the wall and you also have to install 2 air pipes through the wall behind the AC unit so that the hot air produced by the AC can be easily released. Obviously, you will need professional help as you need to call Kent customer care number in case of water purifier installation.

Central AC

Central AC, as the name suggests, is a centralized AC system that is used to cool an entire floor through a single system of AC instead of using multiple AC systems. It is a duct air piped system that can easily spread cool air to any room on your floor.

The system used in a central AC is complicated and calling customer care like in the case of Kent customer care number for water purifiers is always an ideal approach. The central AC is the most complex AC system to install in this entire list.

Ceiling type of AC

These are cassette-like air conditioners and they are considered ideal for offices. Just by the look of things, you can easily tell that these ACs are installed on the ceiling and they are attached to the invisible air pipes through the entire building.

The two main advantages of this type of AC are; it accentuates the overall look of your space and is highly powerful as well. But this also means that it will consume more power than the normal ACs that are usually seen in houses.

Ductless Mini-split system

The mini-split system is slowly taking over the AC industry and soon, you will see the market inundated with these types of ACs. The best part about these ACs is they don't require any type of ductwork and even the cost of installation is low in comparison to all the duct-based AC systems mentioned in this list.

In addition to this, these mini-split systems are highly energy-efficient and they are perfect for energy bill-saving fiends. You might have to call customer care for installation like you call AO smith customer care number but it will be worth it as this AC system offers numerous advantages.

How to choose the best one according to your commercial and home space?

The market might be inundated with different types of ACs and this might make your hunt for a perfect AC spiral out of control. But instead of just looking at the features of these ACs, you should look at what you need first.

From the space that you need to cool to your energy consumption and complexity of installation, there are many things that need to be taken care of while choosing an impeccable AC for your house or office.

Choosing the right type of AC requires a little bit of research, analysis of your need, and proactiveness towards budget planning.

But once you choose the right type of AC, you don't have to worry about installation or periodic service as booking appointments for AC repair, installation, and replacement can be made easy by OneDios. Just use the OneDios and there will be no need to call customer care again and again.

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